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Following the Moon: May 4, 2019MoonImagePurple

I think I pretty much nailed it in my assessment of the Full Moon for Apr. 19. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I said it was a sneaky chart and William Barr has apparently taken on the role of the sneak. First his “summary” of the Mueller Report turned out to be a symphony of understatement, then he danced around the truth in a congressional hearing and finally refused to show up before congress at all. As I predicted, we have “some hopping mad Democrats.”

The thing I got wrong was the quincunx/sextile arrangement of Venus to the Sun and Moon. I thought this would bring us bad economic news. Instead the news on the economy was surprisingly good for the first quarter. Predicting a quincunx aspects is always tricky. They tend toward the quirky. Also, this plays into the beneficial Jupiter transit in Donald Trump’s natal chart, since he’s getting most of the credit.

Another thing that surprised me was amount of violence that made the news, with the shooter at UNCC, the attack on a Synagogue in California and seven dead in Tennessee. Of course, this is America and shooting people and getting shot is kind of our thing, but I should have picked up on Pluto on the Midheaven of that Full Moon chart as an indicator of increased prejudice and violence.

In the New Moon chart for May 4 the Sun and Moon are in the Seventh House. (Click here to see the chart.) This indicates that relationships will be a paramount issues. Those relationships could be with allies or open enemies. This is where things get dicey, since President Trump is famously friendly with the country’s most obvious enemies (Putin in Russia and Kim in North Korea) and unfriendly toward our allies. We might see further movement toward another summit with Kim or maybe there will be fallout from the meeting Kim had with Putin earlier this month.

Uranus is close to the Descendent in this chart (which indicates disruption) but it makes no strong aspects, so it not likely that the disruptions will not result in lasting change. My guess is that the battle between Congress the Attorney General will grind on, as will Trump’s fight against congressional subpoenas. Major revelations will be hinted at but never completely revealed.

The big aspect in this chart is a T-square with Mars opposed to Jupiter and both square Neptune. Mars and Jupiter are in the Second and Eighth Houses respectively, sectors that have to do with finance. I see this has referring to the much needed but very expensive infrastructure bill that Trump and Democrats agreed on last week. The square to Neptune indicates that hope of bi-partisan support for this bill will prove an illusion, particular when decisions about how to pay for it are discussed.