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Joe Biden and the Twelfth House SunBidenJoeImage

Joe Biden’s announcement that he was running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 was essentially a non-event. Biden has been the front-runner in the polls from the beginning and he has been behaving like a candidate for some time now. The fact that it was  non-event is evident in the astrology. Unlike many of our other contenders, Biden’s announcement coincided with no significant astrological indicators.

I’ve recently written twice about Joe Biden and his candidacy. (Click on “The Contenders: Joe Biden” and “Uncle Joe Gets Handsy” to see those articles.) What I want of focus on now that it is official the he might be president is the placement of the Sun in the Twelfth House in his natal horoscope. (Click on Joe Biden to see the chart.)

Among the presidents for whom we have birth times and complete horoscopes (and there are quite a few of them) three were born with the Sun in the Twelfth House. They are Ulysses S. Grant, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

Grant arrived in the White House as a hero from the Civil War. His presidency was rocked by financial scandals involving people in his administration and even his Secretary of War. Though Grant was popular enough to win a second term, a major recession in it’s first year marred his tenure. Meanwhile, in the South,reconstruction was abandoned and the Jim Crow era began.

Jimmy Carter was elected largely because his low key personality and strong Christian faith seemed to be exactly what the nation needed after the fall of Richard Nixon. When he took office the U.S. was already suffering from a combination of recession and inflation. Then came a decline in the supply of oil which resulted in gas lines and higher prices and the Iran Hostage Crisis. None of this resulted from Carter’s policies, but the voters gave him the blame anyway and voted him out in 1980.

George W. Bush almost appears like a benign character now, a well-meaning and moral man who always seemed a little overwhelmed by the job, and by the English language. However, it was Bush who lead us into a pointless war in Iraq searching for weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there and opening the door for the rise of ISIS. This was followed, at the end of second term, by the worst economic crash since the 1930s.

All three of these presidents did some good stuff while they were in office. All three were patriots who wanted the best for their country. And yet a combination of bad luck and bad judgement destroyed their best intentions. Their presidencies are generally now remembered as failures.

I want to add one other person to this list who almost became president: Hillary Clinton. There have been several birth times offered for Clinton, but the one I think is most likely is 8:00 AM which would put her Sun in the Twelfth. We don’t know what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like but, with Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate, it probably would not have been pretty. My guess is that we would be in the midst of our third or fourth impeachment hearing by now.

Astrology, like history, doesn’t always repeat itself but it often rhymes. As a candidate Joe Biden has much to recommend him and he could be the Democrat best able to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. However, defeating Donald Trump, as important as that is, might  the high point of a Biden presidency.