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Seth Moulton Announces

So, another person has thrown his hat into the ring. And, boy, do we need a bigger ring. By my count, Seth Moulton is the 18th person to announce his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination, 19th if you count Joe Biden who hasn’t announced but still leads in the polls. At this rate the debates alone will take us through 2021.

Moulton is one of the people that the experts were expecting to enter the race. (We still have four or five those shoes waiting to drop.) He’s an ambitious congressman from Massachusetts who brings extensive military experience (four tours in Iraq) and a centrist agenda to the table. He’s on record comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

It is interesting that in Moulton’s announcement his wife appeared on camera comparing her husband to a “tank”, someone who just keeps on coming regardless of the obstacles placed in his way or criticism aimed at him. That’s also a good description of a Scorpio, and Moulton has a bunch of stuff in Scorpio. Along with his Sun, he has Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Mars placed there. (Click on Seth Moulton to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

This Scorpio strength and determination is increased in Moulton’s horoscope by the fact that he has the Moon in Leo. I have to wonder if Moulton’s birth time is around noon because this noon chart places the Moon conjunct his Jupiter. This would be a double indicator of a person who thinks highly of himself (a requirement for running for office). Without a time of birth, however, the most we can definitely say about Moulton’s Leo Moon is that it create an overwhelming dominance of Fixed signs in his chart.

This is what worries me about this chart. That tank-like quality might sound good in a campaign ad but it also describes a lack of flexibility that could be problematic for someone aspiring to lead a nation. With so much emphasis on Fixed signs, Moulton is a man ruled by firmly established principles and he not likely to budge on any of them. Change and compromise are not in his skill set, and both are required for success in politics.

I don’t see any transits that will be making major impact on this chart between now and the election. There’ obviously something going on or he wouldn't be making the momentous move he has made, but I can’t see it in this partial horoscope. Of course, with all that tank-like, Fixed sign energy, Moulton campaign is probably going to continue to roll forward for a long time regardless of how he’s doing in the polls. It he does happen to have a positive transit or secondary progression, it could roll him into the final days of the primary season?

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