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Tiger Woods Makes Like a CapricornWoodsTImage2

I’m not a player or fan of golf, so I wasn’t paying much attention when Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament last week. However, I’ve written a couple of article on Woods over the years, charting the influence of the planets on the decline of his career, so I thought it only fair that I remark on his comeback. (Click on Tiger Woods to see his natal horoscope.)

The first time I wrote about Woods was in 2011. In that article (Click on "What's Next for Tiger Woods" to see the article) I discussed the events of Dec. 2009 when Woods’ infidelity to his wife was revealed to the world. Not surprisingly, in Dec. 2009 Uranus was on Woods’ Descendant and square his natal Moon. The Descendant is the cusp of the house of partnership and marriage while the Moon rules women.

I also predicted in that article that anyone expecting a comeback for Tiger Woods at that time would have to wait. The transits in his chart for the next two years 2011 and 2012 did not look hopeful. This turned out to be true.

In 2013 Woods did seem to be on the verge of a comeback. This was shortly after Saturn squared his natal Saturn (a Saturn Cycle aspect) in Oct 2012. These Saturn Cycle aspects often mark major turning points in a person’s life. Unfortunately for Woods, his return to the first rank of pro golfers was cut short by a series of injuries.

The second article (click on "Saturn and Tiger Woods" to see it) was written in June 2017, shortly after Woods was arrested for DUI after being found passed out in his car. Woods made a statement in which he admitted that he had become dangerously dependent on drugs that he was taking for pain and that he was seeking treatment for this addiction. I commented on the fact that Saturn was on his I.C. (another Saturn Cycle aspect), and the perfect to reassess one’s situation and make positive adjustments.

Shortly before his arrest, Woods had the last of four back surgeries. This surgery, along with dealing with his addiction to pain killers helped Woods turn his game around. He won his first tournament in several years in 2018 (a couple of months before Saturn moved across his natal Sun) and, of course, won the Masters on Apr. 14, 2019.

What was happening in Woods’ chart in that day is exactly what we might expect. Transiting Venus was passing over his Descendant and transiting Jupiter was moving retrograde toward a conjunction with his I.C. and his natal Moon. Essentially, the two most positive planets in astrological lore were smiling on Tiger Woods that day. However, I think that Woods’ remarkable comeback was really set up by the fact that he did what he needed to do during those two Saturn Cycle aspects, and by the fact that he is a Sun Sign Capricorn.

Capricorns rarely get to take the easy road to success. They have to climb the mountain step by step. They have to deal with setbacks and work their way through hard times. However, regardless of the adversity life throws at them, Capricorns don’t give up. They keep on climbing and, usually, they will eventually reach their goal.

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