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Following the Moon: April 19, 2019

The main concern I had about the New Moon chart for April 5 (and it was a slight one) was the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Second House of finance square restrictive Saturn. It turns out that, though the stock market did dip during this two week period, it was not a significant plunge and the market has recently made up for most of that loss. (Click here to see the article for that New Moon chart and the horoscope.)

I also predicted that the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in the First House of that chart would give us a period in which deceptive and unclear statements would dominate. Early in this cycle we had Attorney General William Barr hint that the F.B.I. or C.I.A. “spied” on the Trump campaign. This remark created a bit of a firestorm since there was no evidence to support such a suspicion and it plays perfectly into the narrative of the Trump people that his presidency is being victimized secret forces within the intelligence community.

More recently we had a tweet from the president that attempted to connect congresswoman Ilhan Omar with 9/11. The tweet caused a flurry of death threats directed at Omar. It also further confirmed two facts that were already well-established. The first is that Donald Trump is a bully, the second that, regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, the Republicans are planning to run against Omar and A.O.C.

The chart for the Full Moon on April 19 (click here to see the horoscope) is a sneaky one. The Sun and Moon are in the Twelfth and Sixth Houses indicating events that are either secret or under the radar because they seem routine. However, the Uranus is close to the Sun and opposite the Moon. This describes sudden turns and shocking developments. At the same time we have Pluto, which is always associated with the heavy hand of power, on the Midheaven of the chart.

With the release of the Mueller report due today (the day before this Full Moon), it is easy to imagine how all of these factors might play out. The placement of the Sun and the Moon indicates that we are not going to get to see as much of the report as the Attorney General has promised. Uranus paints a picture of some hopping mad Democrats, and maybe some Republicans too, while Pluto tells us that the powers that be (namely the Attorney General) are going to try and hold the line against further disclosures.

I also find it interesting that Venus is sextile the Sun and quincunx the Moon in this Full Moon chart. We generally associated Venus with women’s issues and sometimes sex. However, Venus can also symbolize money. What may slip through the cracks in the redacted report could be references to financial dealings that set off alarms among Trump’s enemies.

When thinking of this Full Moon chart in reference to President Trump we have to remember that Jupiter, which turned retrograde last week, is nearly another passage over his Moon and opposite his Sun. Moving in retrograde, Jupiter is not going to be as “lucky” for Trump as it was when moving direct (when he was “exonerated” of the charge of being a traitor to his country.) In fact, it is likely to increase the tendencies toward recklessness and arrogance in his nature. (I think we’re already seeing evidence of this.) However, it will still protect him from the worse consequence of his actions. This aspect continues through the end of May.


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