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The Contenders: Wayne MessamMessamWayneImage

Wayne Messam announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination  for president on March 28. I missed it because I was busy preparing for a trip on that day. I may have also missed it because it didn’t seem to get much news coverage. Apparently, the field of contenders has become so crowded that the addition of one more is not considered major event.

Messam is the mayor of Miramir, Florida, a populous suburb of Miami. Before that he ran a construction company and before that he was a football player at Florida State. The jump from mayor to President of the United States might seem audacious but Messam’s Gemini Sun forms a close square to  Jupiter. With that aspect, he is someone who thinks big and being audacious comes naturally. (Click on Wayne Messam to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

Along with the Sun in Gemini, Messam has the Moon in Capricorn. In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” I write of this combination, “You are an ambitious Gemini with a need for personal achievement. For this reason your problem-solving mentality is directed toward real-world accomplishment. You enjoy taking on the tough jobs and you have the focus and the self-discipline to get them done.”

This tough-mindedness is reinforced by the fact that Messam’s Mercury in Cancer is conjunct Saturn. This aspect also provides for a tendency toward criticism and negativity but in Messam’s chart Mercury is sweetened by a sextile to Venus. This and Messam’s Sun in Gemini describe a person with great charm, a quality that is expanded by the square between the Sun and Jupiter.

Making a judgement about why Messam is running and his chances of standing out in the crowded field is difficult. His Moon in Capricorn might be aspected by either Saturn or Pluto, but without a time of birth we can’t know which or when. The transits that we can be sure of (a square to his natal Uranus by Pluto and a conjunction to his natal Jupiter by Neptune) don’t tell us much because we don’t know where these planets are placed in the natal chart.

As the son of Jamaican immigrants, Messam does bring a unique point of view to the race for the Democratic nomination but, thus far, he has yet to even appear in any of the polls. Obviously, that can change in the coming months. Unfortunately, without a time of birth, astrology has little to say about the future of his candidacy.