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The Contenders: Eric Swalwell Jr.

One has to wonder what people entering the Democratic primary at this point are thinking. We have a field that is nearing 20 announced or presumed candidates, most of whom are polling in the single digits. Unless you have a mega-donor in your back pocket or delusions of grandeur, what hope could you have of making your message heard?

The latest addition to the herd in California Congressman, Eric Swalwell Jr. Swalwell is young and looks like someone who might be cast as POTUS in a cheap action movie. His positions on issues are consistently liberal and he has established himself as a leader among the younger representatives in the House. If he weren’t running against 20 people with similar resumes, he might be considered a sure thing.

Of course, we do not have a time of birth for Swalwell. (Click on Eric Swalwell to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) He is a Scorpio by Sun sign with the Moon in Pisces. This would normally mark him as a highly emotional person, but Swalwell’s Sun is conjunct Uranus and his Moon is likely trine Mercury. Uranus and Mercury are two of the least emotional and most rational planets in the solar system. So his emotionality mixed with a fair amount of idealism and intelligence.

The conjunction of Uranus to Swalwell’s Sun indicates that there is a rebellious, disruptive element in his nature. He is capable of fresh and original ideas and is not afraid to defy expectations. This could help him stand out in a crowded field. However, Swalwell’s chart also featurse a conjunction of Mars to Neptune which forms a sextile to the conjunction of his Venus with Pluto in Libra. This indicates that there are complications in his personal life that could interfere with his candidacy.

However, the main problem I see in this chart is the absence of square and opposition aspects. The absence of hard aspects typically indicates a lack of drive and energy. The multiple conjunctions in Swalwell’s chart provide power and there is,no doubt, an angular placement in his complete chart that gives him the initiative and activism that is evident in his career thus far, but these indicators only go so far. Hard aspect describe challenges that a person has to surmount. A person who is not challenged in life is more likely to take things for granted and often has trouble understanding what those of us who are going through severe challenges.

It is interesting that Swalwell is another contender whose horoscope will be impacted by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. In my article on Tim Ryan (click here to see that article) I mention that half the contenders I’ve covered so far are in this group. In Swalwell’s case it is the conjunction of his Venus and Pluto that will be squared by transiting Pluto and Saturn. Typically this would relate to a personal issue but, since we don’t know where Venus and Pluto are placed in Swalwell's real chart, it could also relate to his career and his campaign.

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