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Julian Assange Gets ArrestedAssangeJulianImage

Many of us woke up this morning to the image of a bearded Julian Assange being dragged from the Ecuadorian embassy in London by British police. For those who see Assange as a champion of free speech and transparency in government, the reaction to this image was probably outrage. For those who blame him for helping get Donald Trump elected, the reaction was probably “it’s about time.” Meanwhile, those of us in both camps just felt confused.

Assange is a Cancer by Sun sign and Cancer people often straddle the line between lovable and insufferable, between good and bad. Even with the best intentions and the highest principles their methods are always colored and their motivations complicated by personal issues and emotional complexities. In a Cancer person’s most heroic and compassionate moments, it is not rare to find elements of spite and selfishness. In Assange's case, this subjectivity is increased by the fact that his Cancer Sun in in the Eighth House and his Moon is in Scorpio.

So, even while we cheer Assange for his efforts to expose corruption and falsehoods, we also have to wonder at how he let his personal distaste for Hillary Clinton lead him to give aid to a man to whom corruption and lying are second nature.

As you might guess, what’s going on in Assange’s horoscope right now is interesting. Transiting Pluto has moved into an opposition aspect to his natal Mercury. Mercury in Assange’s chart in on the cusp of the Ninth House of philosophy and publication (in the Koch house system.) Transiting Pluto is close to the cusp of the Third House of communications. At the same time transiting Mercury is sextile transiting Pluto and trine Assange’s natal Mercury, while transiting Jupiter is quincunx his natal Mercury.

With all of this emphasis on Mercury and communication we should expect that today’s actions are not just going to give Assange and his supporters reason to speak out, it will also make it more likely that they will be heard. Assange’s arrest is going to become his soapbox. And, if he is extradited to the United States (as is expected), he will have plenty to say.

The big question, of course, is what will Assange have to say about Donald Trump, the Russians and the hacked emails? Thus far Assange has denied having any help from the Russians or contact with the Trump campaign. However, another thing about Cancers is that they can change their minds. If Assange were to get the notion that he has been betrayed by the Trump administration his message could morph it something very different. And that possibility is likely to make a lot of people in the White House nervous.

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