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Uncle Joe Gets HandsyBidenJoeImage

A few weeks ago I wrote that, since Uranus  is crossing his Descendant this month, I expected Joe Biden to stop dancing around the issue and finally make his candidacy for the Democratic nomination official. However, Uranus aspects are by definition unpredictable and instead this transit has taken Biden’s reputed run for president in an unexpected and much less positive direction.

It has long been observed that Biden is a politician who takes the term “pressing the flesh” quite literally. He's big on hugs, shoulder rubs and handshakes. No one saw this as a problem. In fact, it was a key ingredient to Biden’s avuncular appeal and his reputation as a “regular” guy. However, the “Me Too” movement has brought new scrutiny to this kind of behavior and Biden is now suffering the consequences.

Biden has his Sun and three other planets in Scorpio. (Click here to see his horoscope.) Some people associate Scorpio with sex, but the real issue for this sign, and the one that is most likely to get them into trouble, is power. None of the women who are currently complaining about Biden’s handsy approach are accusing him of sexual abuse. Instead they say that his touching made them uncomfortable, and the source of that discomfort is power.

When we touch another person we communicate with them on several levels. We can communicate affection, compassion, familiarity and comradeship. We can also be communicating to them who’s is charge, who has the power. I’m not saying that Joe Biden does this consciously but, with Scorpios, what’s happening on a subconscious level is often just as important as what they do with intention.

So, even though Biden’s sins in this regard pale in comparison to those of our current president, they are nonetheless sins. The question is whether or not they will derail whatever plans he may have to run for president. Democrats tend to be more sensitive to these issues than Republicans. Biden’s seems to be attempting to ride out this storm but, at the moment, that storm doesn’t show signs of abating.

Another issue is the placement of Neptune in the Tenth House of Biden’s chart. In the best case scenario, people with this placement can become a source of inspiration to other people, but they can also have difficulty defining themselves to the outside world. Sometimes they are disbelieved and other times they are regarded as inconsistent and unreliable. Scandals, even relatively innocuous ones, tend to stick with them.

Uranus will be close to Biden’s Descendant through all of April and May. It will hit it again in retrograde motion in Nov. and Dec. 2019 and then cross it for the last time in March 2020, right in the middle of primary season. Around this same time, transiting Neptune will be crossing Biden’s Midheaven. These questions about Biden’s behavior, along with questions about his voting record, are going to continue to be a stumbling block if he decides to move forward with his candidacy.

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