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The Contenders: Marianne WilliamsonWilliamsonMImage

It would seem that I have gotten down to the last person on my list of contenders for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. (At least until the next one announces.) That is the noted author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson.

In Williamson’s horoscope (click on Marianne Williamson to see the chart) the Sun is conjunct Uranus late in the First House. She is an independent person who does thing her way. Her Sun, Uranus and Venus in Cancer are all square Neptune. Neptune can indicate deception and shifty behavior, but Williamson seems to have tapped the spiritual side of the planet and established herself as a New Age guru..

However, Williamson is by no means totally lost in the Neptunian clouds. She has the Moon in Capricorn. This not ordinarily a good placement for the Moon but, in her case, the Moon is isolated in the upper, right sector of the chart and it is unaspected. This doesn’t give the Moon more power, but it does give it greater significance in the total makeup of her personality. Williamson has made a thriving business out of being a spiritual advisor.

But is this enough to get her elected? As much as we might need one, it’s hard to imagine Americans voting for a spiritual advisor for president. We prefer our candidates to feed us snappy catch phrases and single sentence “visions”. Williamson’s vision is drawn from a hodpog of religionous teachings and seems to be more nuanced.

Another knock on Williamson is the fact that she never held public office. However, she has at least campaigned for one (a seat in congress in 2014) and her books often touch on political issues. Her views are solidly on the progressive side of the Democratic divide. She agrees with Bernie Sanders on most things and advocates reparations for the descendants of slaves.

Right now Jupiter is moving over Williamson’s Descendant. The planet goes retrograde in April and it will stay near this degree for several weeks. This makes me think that her public image might get a boost in near future. However, it will probably take more than a boost from Jupiter for Williamson's candidacy to be taken seriously.

Another thing that happening in Williamson’s chart right now is a trine from transiting Neptune to her natal Sun. Neptune is in her Tenth House of career and public image. This aspect could also bring attention to her campaign, either now or in Oct and Dec. when the aspect returns. However, even though the aspect is positive, Neptune’s influence is going to emphasize the mystical, feel-good side of Williamson’s message, and that’s not likely to help her politically.

Another aspect that is going to be at work in Williamson chart between now and Nov. 2020 is the opposition of her natal Mars by transiting Uranus. Uranus brings surprises but, considering the aspect, the surprised it brings Williamson are not likely to be pleasant. The fact that Uranus is aspecting Mars could also indicate physical injury or it could represent a significant error is judgment. Uranus will oppose Williamson’s Mars in June of this year and again in October. It will make a final pass in April 2020. My guess is that during one of these periods her campaign is going to hit a major stumbling block that could bring it to an abrupt halt.

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