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Following the Moon: Apr. 5, 2019

I’ve been away from my desk for a bit, so this entry is a few days late. Fortunately, the New Moon chart for Apr. 5 seems relatively quiet, so the main thing I missed was the trouble that has beset Joe Biden recently. That really have more to do with his personal horoscope and I will deal with it in a separarte entry.

Before we get into the New Moon chart, I want to say something about the very busy chart that we had for the last Full Moon. (Click on March 20 to see the article and the chart.) In that article I predicted that the Mueller report would come down. I also said that (because of the strong placement of Uranus in the chart)  it would be “an Uranian lightning bolt into the political system.” That was certainly the case.

I predicted that, because of the placement of the Sun and Moon, much information would be hidden from public view and, because of the aspects between the Sun, Moon and Uranus, there would something unexpected, unusual and “quirky” about the information. The fact that Mueller did not ask for more indictments and failed to find evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian hackers surprised a lot of people and caught everyone (even the president) off guard.

I also noted the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in that chart and said it could bring us news that was garbled and confusing. For those folks who’ve kept a list of people connected to Donald Trump who lied about meetings with Russians and tracked Trump’s apparent love affair with Vladimir Putin, the news we got from the Mueller report was definitely confusing.

What I missed was the fact that this conjunction was in the Fifth House, which is associated with entertainment. Just as we beginning to digest the summary of Mueller’s finding, the cast against Jussie Smollett was dropped by prosecutors in Chicago. Considering the everything the public knew about the case, this was confusing and, since a judge sealed the records, that confusion persists.

Since Mercury is still conjunct Neptune in the New Moon chart for Apr. 5 (click here to see the chart) we can expect more conflicting statements, false reports and confusion in the coming weeks. Mercury and Neptune are in the First House, so the confusion and deception will be very much in the public eye. I don’t think we’re going to be shocked by this lack of clarity and/or truthfulness. In fact, for most of us, it will probably be a source of amusement.

The fact that the Sun and Moon in this New Moon chart are in the Second House of resources indicts that finance will be a major concern during the next two weeks. The Sun and Moon are square Saturn, which indicates restriction. We could see a faltering of the economic growth we’ve enjoyed for the past three years, however the aspect is wide so I don’t think that this restriction will be a major factor.

The proximity Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is still somewhat worrisome. As I said in an earlier “Following the Moon” entry, this aspect is indicative of a major economic downturn. However, the aspect doesn’t complete this month (and won’t until Jan. 2020) and it is not in a house typically associated with finance, so I don’t see it as an immediate threat.