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Damn That Jupiter

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how transiting Jupiter’s conjunction to Donald Trump’s natal Moon and opposition to his Sun was giving him a pass on all the bad news (the Cohen testimony, rising deficit, etc.) that was popping up all around him. Under the influence of that most benevolent of planets, the president skated through that rough patch with nary a dent in his poll numbers or his swagger. (Click on “Jupiter Gives Donald Trump a Pass” to see that article.

Now, with the release of the Mueller report, Jupiter has apparently given Trump another pass. A lot of people are upset because Mueller failed to ask for more indictments and was unable to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The president is claiming victory while Democrats are itching to see exactly what Mueller did find.

What’s going on in Robert Mueller’s horoscope (click here to see a partial chart done for noon on Mueller’s date of birth) is an opposition by transiting Neptune to his natal Mars. In a previous article I said that this aspect would bring more allegations of bias from the President and his surrogates. (Click on “Robert Mueller in 2019” to see that article.) However, in this case, Neptune took us in another direction.

Neptune is associated with deception, but it also has to do with vagueness and indefinite results. Attorney General William Barr’s summation of Mueller’s findings indicate that, while the special prosecutor did not recommend an indictment of President for obstruction of justice, he stopped short of exonerating Trump on such a charge. Mueller also put several pieces of his investigation in the hands of other jurisdictions for further prosecution.

My feeling is that Mueller backed away from taking action on these matters because he recognized that indictments further up the Trump food chain would have had more to do with politics than jurisprudence and he did not want to drawn into that fray. He may have also been influenced by accusations by the President and others that his investigation was politically motivated. So, instead of a crashing crescendo, what we get in Mueller’s final report seems to be more like a shrug.

It is interesting that, even though we can’t know it’s exact placement without a time of birth, it is likely the Moon in Mueller’s chart is in Pisces (the sign ruled by Neptune) and that it is quite possibly opposed to his natal Neptune. If this is the case then Mueller is much more comfortable with vagueness and loose ends that his square-jawed, Leo persona might indicate.

Astrologically speaking, the current situation with the Mueller report is an intersection of Trump’s Jupiter aspects and Mueller Neptune affliction. It seems that Mueller is going to ride Neptune off into the sunset while Trump and his rich friends party down in Mar-a-logo. However, as I said in the previous article, Jupiter aspects have a short shelf-life. The one impacting Trump’s chart will be old news by the end of May, and what’s waiting for President Trump after that will not be nearly so benevolent.

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