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Following the Moon: March 20, 2019

Let me start off with a couple of things I got wrong with my reading of the New Moon on Mar. 6. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) I had hoped that the dominance of “good” aspects in that chart predicted the end of the extreme weather events that have punctuated this winter but instead we got another major winter storm, tornadoes in Alabama and flooding in the Midwest. Also, I was afraid the near conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn might cause problems in our economy. However, it appears that we’re going to have to wait until the aspect completes in Jan. 2020 for that.

The Mar. 6 chart was a quiet chart and, at least in this country, the past two weeks have been relatively quiet. (The terrorist attack in New Zealand is, of course, another matter and another chart.) The major political event was the Senate rejecting Trump’s state of emergency but since they don’t have the votes to override his veto, there wasn’t much substance to that rare act to Republican gumption.

I think the conjunction of the Sun and Moon to Neptune in that New Moon chart has to do with the entry of Beto O’Rourke into the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination. O’Rourke represents a Democratic dream candidate in that he’s a younger, charismatic moderate with a common touch and schoolboy looks. Of course, the thing about Neptunian dreams is that they don’t always survive in the light of day.

The chart for tonight’s Full Moon is complex. (Click here to see the chart.) We have the Sun and Moon on the cusps of the Sixth and Twelfth House (in the Koch house system). This usually describes events that are under the radar, either because they are too mundane to be noticed or kept secret. However, in this chart the Sun and Moon are aspected by Uranus which is sitting on the Descendant where it can’t help but be seen.  The aspects (a semi-sextile and a quincunx) are weak but close. They indicate that the relationship between the seen and unseen will be quirky and difficult to pin down.

So what are we going to see and what is going to be under the radar? Well, people have been looking for Robert Mueller to deliver his report since February. (I predicted it would either come in March or much later in the year. Click on Robert Mueller in 2019 to see that article.) The release of that report would definitely be an Uranian lightning bolt into the political system, and it would set off a flurry of legal maneuvers and information spinning by both the White House and Democrats.

The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces is a further indication that we are going to be getting a lot of garbled, confusing and downright false reports. But, since both Mercury and Neptune are sextile Saturn in the Third House of information, the majority of the public will not be fooled by these stories.

The aspect in this chart that has me worried is the very close square between Mars and Venus. This is an aspect that could describe violence, particularly violence directed toward women. The fact that Jupiter is sextile Venus might be seen as a mollifying factor, but Jupiter also forms a quincunx to Mars and the quincunx aspect is not to be trusted. It tends to play the part of the trickster, throwing us off balance and hitting us where we least expect it.

This Full Moon horoscope sort of does double duty. Because the Sun is at zero degree of Aries, it is a very close approximation  of the Aries Ingress chart. (The precise time that the Sun entered Aries was only 15 minute earlier than the Full Moon.) That means that we could see this chart as predicting events for the next four months. However, for now I’m just focused on the next two weeks.

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