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The Contenders: John Delaney and Andrew YangDelaneyYangImage

Just when I thought I was through with this series I realized that I had missed a few contenders who announced their candidacy some time ago. Two of them, John Delaney and Andrew Yang, are primarily entrepreneurs who have decided parlay their success in business into a political glory.

John Delaney made his money by arranging loans to small, health care companies and other underserved borrowers. His business was recognized for it’s investment in distressed communities.  He ran for congress in 2012 and won. In July 2017 Delaney announced that he was running for president.

Delaney’s horoscope clearly describes an entrepreneur. (Click on John Delaney to see a partial horoscope done or noon on Delaney’s date of birth.) He’s an Aries by Sun sign with his Sun trine Uranus. He definitely a guy who’s willing to take risks. At the same time, however, he has Mercury in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn, so his risk-taking is always tied to a firm awareness of profit and loss.

This is a dynamic chart with a T-square involving his Mercury, his Mars in Leo and Neptune. He is definitely a high-energy person. Delaney has been characterized as a moderate, though he has voiced some progressive talking points, such as raising the corporate tax rate. I think this has a lot to do with presence of Neptune in this T-square. Neptune represents compassion, but it is also hard to nail down. Delaney’s politics will likely remain somewhat fluid and difficult to categorize.

Predicting Delaney’s chances in 2020 is frustrating because it all has to do with his Moon in Capricorn and without a time of birth we cannot know it’s precise location. If he was born early in the day, for example, then the Moon could be hit by aspects from both Saturn and Pluto, which would not be good. However, if Delaney was born in the evening, he might be in the clear (until 2021 at least.)

Andrew Yang business ventures were in finance and developing software for health care companies. He’s never held public office but he worked for the non-profit, Venture for America, that has helped talented young people from small towns move into the corporate world. Yang also has a law degree from Columbia University.

Yang’s horoscope (I did not have a time of birth for Yang when I wrote this article but I found one later. Click on Andrew Yang to see that chart) reveals that, though he is a practical Capricorn by Sun sign, he has the Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Yang is not afraid of radical ideas. He has built his presidential bid around the idea of the government providing each American with a minimum income.

Neptune is also a factor in Yang’s horoscope. It forms a sextile with his Aquarian planets. However, here the compassion of Neptune is joined by the weight of Pluto, which trines Yang’s Moon, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. Yang’s progressivism comes out of a very real and ominous trend. As automation replaces more and more humans in the workplace, we are likely facing a future in which unemployment will the only option open for a large number of our citizens.

I think Yang’s radical idea is going to be getting a lot of attention the next month or so as transiting Jupiter aligns with his natal Mars. However, the big test for Yang is going to come in Jan. 2020. His Sun is at 22 degrees Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto will meet at this degree in January, presenting him (and probably the country) with a major challenge.

If Yang can rise to this challenge, he might just surprise everyone and become a major contender. However, this is going to require more than just a radical idea. It going to require enormous strength of character and, without a complete horoscope, it’s difficult to know if Yang will be able to pass the test.

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