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The Contenders: Beto O’Rourke

I wrote about Beto O’Rourke last year. (Click here to see that article and a partial horoscope for O’Rourke.) Since we do not have a time of birth for O’Rourke, I focused on the combination of his Sun sign (Libra) and his Moon sign (Taurus) as it is described in my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo.”

However, now that I have looked at the charts of some of the other contenders, I can draw some comparisons. For example, it is interesting that both Joe Biden and O’Rourke have three planets aspected by Jupiter. Biden has Mercury, the Sun and Venus trine Jupiter and O’Rourke has Mars, Pluto and the Sun square Jupiter.

As I said in the article on Biden, this is a natural aspect for a glad-handing, always-happy-to-meet-you politician. I heard someone describe Biden as a master of “retail”, one-on-one politics. O’Rourke has the same gift. The fact that his aspect to Jupiter is a square provides more tension and a maybe a little bit too much self-confidence. On the other hand, with the Sun in friendly Libra, O’Rourke’s version of retail politics is more about charm and less about shoulder rubs.

Also, like Tulsi Gabbard and Julian Castro, Beto O’Rourke has Mars in a strong aspect with Pluto. This is an aspect that, as I’ve pointed out many times, is found in the chart of “bad” people, but it can also be found in the horoscopes of good people. Used correctly, this is an aspect of resilience and superior courage. O’Rourke is a lot tougher that his school-boy persona might indicate.

Pluto is also conjunct O’Rourke’s Sun. People with Jupiter square the Sun are often reckless and sometimes lazy. This conjunction tells us that O’Rourke has the self-discipline to counter these tendencies. The combination of Jupiter and Pluto aspecting his Sun also has a political dimension. Jupiter is liberal, Pluto conservative. This contrast is going to keep O’Rourke stuck in the middle.

As I said in the 2018 article, there are no important transits impacting O'Rourke's partial horoscope between now and Nov. 2020. I’m pretty sure that, if we had a complete horoscope, it would be a different story. The fact that he is running indicates this. However, there is one transit thats going on right now that interests me. Pluto is currently conjunct O'Rourke's natal North Node. Aspects to the Nodes of the Moon don't often manifest in a dramatic way but a lot of astrologers link both the Nodes and Pluto with reincarnation and karma. Could there be some karmatic connection to O'Rourke decision to run for president? I like to keep my astrology oriented on what's going on in this life, but it is certainly an interesting question.

The question might become even more interesting in January 2019 when both Saturn and Pluto line up on this same degree. This conjunction of Saturn and Pluto has astrologers everwhere on edge. We see it as representing a major turning point for both this country and the world. The fact that this conjunction is happening on O'Rourke's North Node indicates that it's going to have a deeper impact on him than most of us. I really don't know if the impact will be positive or negative, but it could be one of those moments when karma and real life collide.

Also, in the last article, I mentioned that in O’Rourke’s secondary progressed chart, the progressed Sun was aspecting his natal Venus. This is why is Libra “likability” has been on display for the last year or so. Without a time of birth, however, it difficult to know how this aspect will impact his life, career or his chances of winning the nomination in 2020.

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