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Jupiter Gives Donald a PassJupiterSymbol

The last three weeks have been pretty awful for Donald Trump. There was the Cohen testimony which gave people a first hand look into Trump’s personality and business practices, 80 some subpoena’s issued by the House Judiciary Committee targeting Trump’s finances, his presidential campaign, his inauguration and much more, the failure of his summit with Kim Jong Un, reports that North Korea has renewed construction of nuclear sites, a record budget deficit and a sharp increase in our trade deficit. And yet, Trump’s poll numbers have remained steady and the president has never appeared more confident.

What’s going on in Trumps horoscope? Jupiter. (Click on Donald Trump to the chart.) About three weeks ago Jupiter began a conjunction with Donald Trump’s natal Moon. Since the Moon is in a close opposition with the Sun in his chart, Jupiter was simultaneously opposed to his Sun. Usually Jupiter aspects go by quickly, but Jupiter is approaching a period of retrograde which slows down its apparent motion.

 As I said in my last article about Ilhan Omar, what Jupiter touches in the natal horoscope is expanded. In Trump’s chart the opposition of his Sun and Moon form the central theme of  his personality. The insecurities of the Moon spur the bluster of his ego. It’s no wonder that Trump seems so sensitive to criticism. Anything that actives the defenses of his Moon brings about an automatic explosion of solar ego. This Jupiter transit has expanded this dynamic.

The other thing that Jupiter does, particularly when it is involved in an aspect with the Sun and Moon, is bring good fortune. Even though the Cohen testimony was damaging, the president and his allies have been able to blunt its effect by pointing out that Cohen is about to go to prison for lying to Congress in previous testimony. (The fact that he told those lies at the behest of Donald Trump is a detail they seem to forget.)

Cover for the reports on North Korea’s nuclear program and the budget and trade deficits was provided by Democrats in the House of Representatives, who were fighting their own war over what Ilhan Omar meant when she criticized U.S. support of Israel. This allowed Republicans to take the moral high ground for a change and limited news coverage of more pressing issues.

We are probably going to see more of this bullet dodging by the president. Jupiter goes retrograde in April and it will make another slow passage over Trump’s Moon and opposite in Sun in May. He may also be helped in June when Jupiter continues it retrograde path makes a slow opposition to his natal Uranus. Jupiter will hit these point again in the fall, but very quickly.

This may seem like good news for Donald Trump, but Jupiter is a fickle friend. The benefits we gain during its transits tend to be fleeting. More important, there a tendency for people to become overconfident and overly exuberant during one of these transits. We saw evidence of this last week when Trump went on a two and half hour rant during his speech at CPAC.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being confident or even exuberant. These qualities only become problematic if they cause us to minimalize real problems. Under Jupiter buoyant influence we can think we have everything under control, until the aspect passes and that rosy, Jupiterian glow is gone. Then we're suddenly faced with a grim reallity.

There’s not a whole lot going on in the horoscope of Donald Trump during the calendar year of 2019. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to slide through this year without a hitch. All the balls that were put in motion during 2018 (and before) are still moving and they will continue moving through congressional investigations, law suits, criminal inditements and, of course, the Mueller report throughout the year. These Jupiter transits may represent a temporary reprieve from the pressure of these realities, but they by no means offer a solution.

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