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The Argumentative Libra: Ilhan Omar

People tend to think of Libras as people-pleasers who avoid conflict at all cost, and it is true that Libra people typically favor peaceful coexistence. However, Libra is the sign of the scales and people born with this Sun sign are always seeking balance. When they encounter a situation that they regard as out of balance or unfair, Libras will argue and argue strenuously until the perceived inequality is corrected.

We saw an example of this two weeks ago when congresswoman Ilhan Omar objected to what she saw as favoritism in U.S. foreign policy toward Israel and undue influence by Jewish lobbying groups on congress. She has complained about this in a series of tweets that offended a lot of Jewish and non-Jewish people who saw her remarks as anti-Semitic.

Omar is a Sun sign Libra (click on Ilhan Omar to see a horoscope charted for noon on her birth date) with the Sun conjunct Saturn in that sign. Saturn is always a bit juiced up when it is Libra partly because Saturn is also concerned with fairness and equality. With Saturn this concern for fairness has to do with the necessity of authority figures to make judgements based on the facts and not on a sentimental connection to one side or the other of a particular issue. Again, it goes back to the symbol of the scales, only this time it is the scales in the context of the law and justice.

It is interesting that in January, when Omar and the rest of the new congresspeople were sworn in, transiting Saturn was square her natal Sun and her natal Saturn. When Saturn squares its natal place it is part of a Saturn Cycle and a time of transition in a person’s life. When Saturn squares the Sun it typically coincides with an increased sense of duty and the weight of one’s responsibility. Omar obviously took her new job very seriously. She feels obligated to speak out when her Libra sensibilities are roused.

For the past couple of weeks transiting Jupiter has been passing over Neptune in the horoscope of Ilhan Omar. When Jupiter hits a planet in our natal chart the function of that planet in the horoscope tends to be expanded. Without a time of birth it is difficult for his to know exactly how Neptune functions in Omar’s chart, but, in general, Neptune represents our hopes and dreams. It is the place where we transcend our earthly circumstances through faith, creativity and compassion. However, Neptune is also associated with our delusions and intellectual blind spots.

In her remarks, Omar implied that Jewish members of congress might be more loyalty to Israel than the United States. Even though this accusation was implicit (and some might argue blown out of proportion) it upset people because it is an accusation that has been made against Jews for thousands of years. When Hitler declared that the Jews in Germany were not loyal Germans but answered to something he called “international Jewry” he was repeating a trope that had been in existence since the middle ages. Similar accusation were made against John F. Kennedy in 1960 because he was a Catholic and against Ilhan Omar in the present day because she is a Muslim.

Judging from the conjunction of Jupiter to Omar’s Neptune I seriously doubt that she understood the full meaning of what she was implying. People with the Sun conjunct Saturn tend to be a bit slow to pick up on nuances. The aspect is weakening now, but Jupiter turns retrograde in April and it will conjunct Omar’s Neptune again in May and once more in during the last week of October. I don’t expect her to be any less argumentative during these last two transits but she may be a bit wiser.

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