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Following the Moon: March 6, 2019MoonImagePurple

As I suspected, the chart for the last Full Moon (on Feb. 19) was not nearly a peaceful as it first appeared. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Since the Sun was in the Tenth House the focus was on our leadership, in particular on our president. The accusations raised by Michael Cohen against Donald Trump in congressional testimony are hardly new, but the fact that they were made by someone who had been so close to Trump for so long gives them new substance.

This has created a lot of talk, but still no action. Meanwhile, the scandal I mentioned in that article popped up in a totally different arena when Robert Craft, the owner of the New England Patriots, was charged with soliciting prostitution in a Florida massage parlor. I had said that, since Venus was involved, the scandal would involve either women or money. As it turned out, it was a bit of both.

I failed to consider Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un in that article, however the conjunction of Mercury with Neptune in Pisces seems to sum up how it turned out.  Both men entered with big hopes and (and as often happens with Neptune) both men left profoundly disappointed. The conjunction was in the Eleventh House, which is associated with friendship. I wonder if Donald and Kim will remain buddies after this.

The chart for today’s New Moon also has a peaceful look. (Click here to see the horoscope.) It is dominated by happy trines and friendly sextiles and Jupiter, the planet of bounty and good fortune is angular. We could have a lull in the political news as the House begins to gear up for more hearings on Trump’s various peccadilloes. We might also see a break from the string of extreme weather events that have beset the country this winter. What the chart may be all about is something as basic as the beginning of spring.

However, this chart is not completely without signs of trouble. The Sun and the Moon are in the Tenth House, once again indicating that issues involving our leadership, and quite likely, our president, will be paramount. The Sun and Moon are in Pisces and they are conjunct Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces. This describes self-deception and foggy thinking. We are apt to see a lot of fumbling around by our leaders, as well as an increase in the general mendacity that we grown so used to.

I’m also a little concerned about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect does not complete this year. Saturn turns retrograde next month before conjoining with Pluto. However, this is an important aspect that is likely have a big impact of 2020. A lot of astrologers see it as the harbinger of a financial crisis. The fact that the aspect takes place in the Eighth House (which is associated with finance and "other people's money") in this New Moon Chart could bring us a foretaste of these troubles.

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