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The Contenders: John Hickenlooper

The latest person to officially enter the race for the Democratic nomination in 2020 is John Hickenlooper. Like our last contender, Jay Inslee, Hickenlooper served as a state governor. Also, like Inslee, Hickenlooper is an Aquarius by Sun sign. In fact, he was born just two day short of one year after Inslee. (Click on John Hickenlooper to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.)

This coincidence has astrological relevance. Since their birthdays are close, Hickenlooper and Inslee have the Sun placed at nearly the same degree in their horoscopes. Pluto was moving relatively slowly during this period so, even though they were born a year apart, both men have the Sun opposed to Pluto.

The Sun forms a hard, angular aspect to Pluto in the charts three other contenders: Tulsi Gabbard, Kristen Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar. When the Sun is in a hard aspect to Pluto you expect a certain level of toughness. People with these aspects are generally not quitters. Once they start something, they tend to see it through to the bitter end. Even though none of these contender is considered a front-runner, they are not likely to withdraw from the race, regardless of what the polls say.

In Hickenlooper’s chart, the opposition between the Sun and Pluto is only one of several hard aspects. In fact, he has what astrologers call a Grand Cross involving Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and possibly the Moon. That's four (or more planets) 90 degrees from one another forming a square within the circle of the horoscope. People with this configuration typically face a lot of challenges in their life. Hickenlooper has made his struggles and changes in career paths part of his campaign.

Another thing about people with Grand Crosses is that, when (and if) they succeed in overcoming the obstacles thrust upon them, they tend to see themselves as being marked to do something special with their lives. This connects nicely with the Sun in Aquarius. Aquarians think in grandiose terms. They aren’t just interested in solving their own problems. They want to solve the problems of humanity.

My guess is that, even though Hickenlooper announced his candidacy today, the real decision to run was made back in January. That’s when Saturn squared his natal Saturn. This important Saturn Cycle aspect will return in Hickenlooper’s chart in August of this year.

Saturn Cycle aspects tend to coincide with important decisions or choices. They also bring us tests. The test for Hickenlooper will be finding a way to set himself apart in this crowded field of contenders. August, over a year before the election and months before the first primaries, might seem too early to expect this to happen, but decisions Hickenlooper makes then will have enormous impact on his chance of success in 2020.

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