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Michael Cohen in the Land of Angry Senators

Today Michael Cohen begins a harrowing, three day journey through the halls of Congress. He will be interviewed by three different congressional committees, two in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate. Only Wednesday’s hearing before a House committee will be televised, but the hearing Cohen faces today in front of a Republican dominated Senate committee promises to be the most contentious.

Appropriately, the situation in Cohen horoscope is fraught with conflict. (Click on Michael Cohen to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.) Transiting Uranus forms a 90 degree, square aspect to his natal Mars. At the same time Saturn is trine his natal Pluto and Uranus and quincunx his natal Mercury.

The square to Cohen’s Mars by Uranus is by far the most interesting aspect. It clearly describes the heat Cohen will be facing over the next three days (and beyond). Mars is the warrior. When it is activated in the chart we are challenged. We have to be ready to face our enemies and do battle. Cohen enters this series of hearing in warrior mode.

The fact that it is Uranus that is squaring Mars, however, indicates that Cohen is likely to react to the challenges he’s facing in unexpected ways. Uranus is the contrarian. It is unpredictable. If Cohen has a battle plan, he’s not likely to stick to it. Nor is he likely to hunker down let himself be abused. With this aspect driving him, Cohen answers to his critics are apt to be sharp and surprising.

The trine from Saturn to Uranus and Pluto is more difficult to read because we do not have a complete horoscope. However, it could indicate that Cohen is aware of the importance of the testimony he is giving. Not only will he be making his own accusations against the President, he will be giving people a foretaste of the Mueller report that seems to be nearing completion.

The quincunx by Saturn to Cohen’s Mercury certainly indicates that he is going to be chastised. Saturn represents authority and the law. The fact that Cohen has already been convicted of lying to Congress and sentenced to three years in jail will obviously have a huge influence on what goes on in these hearings.

However, since the aspect is a quincunx, I think it could also indicate more surprises. When we get a quincunx transit we often have to deal with problems that come at us from surprising directions. It could be that a seemingly innocuous question could open up a whole new area of inquiry during these hearings.

When we put this altogether, even without a complete horoscope, it is apparent that the next three days are going to be very interesting for both Michael Cohen and the American public. Wednesday’s televised hearing will be “must see” TV. However, if you miss it, don’t worry. It’s sure to be talked about for a long time.