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Following the Moon: Feb. 19, 2019

I had my doubts about congress coming to an agreement to prevent another government shutdown, even though I said the New Moon chart for Feb. 4 indicated that it could. It turns out that I was wrong and the chart was right. However, I was right about Trump declaring a state of emergency in order to circumvent congress. I attributed this to Jupiter square Neptune in that chart: extravagant spending (Jupiter) for an illusionary purpose (Neptune). (Click here to see the article and chart for Feb. 4.)

The one thing I don’t mind being wrong about was the square between Mars in Aries and Pluto. I had feared that we might get another mass shooting like the one in Las Vegas a couple of years ago or a terrorist attack. We did get another mass shooting (in Aurora, Ill.) but, tragic as that is, it was not as bad as I had expected with this aspect. (This is where we are in America in the 21st Century. Five innocent people are gunned down by a disgruntled co-worker and it's not all that remarkable.)

We did see evidence of this bullying square between Mars and Pluto in President Trump’s blatant attempt to push aside the will of Congress. Mars is in the Tenth House of leadership in the Feb. 4 chart conjunct radical Uranus. The square to Pluto represents strong-arm tactics.

The chart for today’s Full Moon looks remarkably peaceful. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) However, that could be deceptive.  The Sun and Moon are in the angular Tenth and Fourth Houses, indicating important events. They receive calming trine and sextile aspects, but those aspect are from rough-and-ready Mars and perpetually contrary Uranus. Uranus and Mars are still in a conjunction, though now Mars has moved into Taurus, where it is relatively weak, and the planets are in the Twelfth House of secrets.

I think that efforts to derail Trump’s state of emergency, both in congress and in the courts, are likely to fail. At the same time, as the realization that this ploy gives the president what amounts to dictatorial power settles in, opposition from moderates and conservatives will coalesce. There will be a lot of noise but, since the aspects are sextiles and trines, not much action.

Also, in this chart, we have Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This aspects has all the trapping of “fake news”. At the same time, Venus, the symbol of the femininity, is in Capricorn sandwiched between dark and mysterious Pluto and judgmental Saturn.

 These two aspects systems are connected by a sextile aspect. I think this describes a new scandal. It could involve sex and women, however it could just as easily be about money. The information we get about this affair will be somehow garbled or mistaken, and the media will be accused of bias.

Overall, I don’t expect this to be a good two weeks for either women or the news media. There will be a lot of moment, but most of it is not going to get us anywhere. The problems that emerge during this period may distract us, but they will remain trivial compared to the one brewing inside our government. The balance of powers that has preserved this country for so long is being messed with, and I don’t see anything in this chart that going to change that fact.

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