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Robert Mueller in 2019MuellerImage

It’s the stone-faced elephant in the room, or at least in the Oval Office: the Mueller investigation. When will it end? What will it reveal? WHEN WILL IT END? The President’s people play nonchalant, acting as if their guy is already in the clear. The President’s enemies are like children on Christmas Eve, with visions of indictable offenses dancing in their heads. And we won’t know who’s got it right until Robert Mueller crosses that final T.

The recent ruling on the Paul Manafort case seems to be a step toward completion. It also seems that Mueller has established that Manafort gave data from the Trump campaign on prospective voters to a Russian citizen with contact to Putin’s government. Right now Saturn is trine Mueller’s natal Mars which is an indicator of progress, but also of caution. The puzzle might still have a few pieces missing.

I had hoped we would see the investigation winding up in November 2018 when Saturn opposed Mueller’s natal Saturn. This is an aspect that typically brings life-changing events. What happened in November was that President Trump and his lawyers submitted written answers to a set of questions from the special prosecutor. My guess is that those answers will prove to be of major importance when Mueller finally lays down his cards.

Since we do not have a time of birth for Robert Mueller (click on Robert Mueller to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth) there’s a lot we can’t see, but what we can see indicates that that he’s going to be dealing with two contradictory transits this year. The first is the opposition to his natal Mars by transiting Neptune. This aspect will first hit in March 2019. It will return in September and remain within a degree until Jan. 2020.

In general this aspect would indicate a drag on a person’s energy and initiative. It might signal a health crisis or a period dissipation and wasted efforts. For Mueller, however, I expect a repeat of what we saw in 2017 when Neptune opposed Mueller’s Mercury and the President and his surrogates began a campaign to discredit the special prosecutor and his investigation. One thing that might inspire renewed attacks of this sort would be indications that the investigation is ending (or had ended) and the news for Donald Trump was not good.

The other important transit in Mueller chart for 2019 is a trine by transiting Uranus to Mueller’s natal Jupiter. This will be exact in April and then return to a one degree orb in November and remain so through January 2020.

Uranus trine Jupiter is a lucky aspect. In a natal chart (such as Donald Trump’s) it indicates that the person will enjoy instances of good fortune during his or her life. In transit it describes a period during which things are likely to go your way. The type and degree of this good fortune will depend on the person’s chart. For one person it might mean hitting the lottery, for another a free week at the beach. For Robert Mueller in might mean a long-sought document will suddenly appear or a recalcitrant witness might suddenly decide to talk.

Looking at this I have to think that, if Mueller’s investigation doesn’t end late this spring, it will probably continue until the end of the year, I’m also fairly sure that when the special prosecutor does present us with his cards, he going have a ace or two that he doesn’t have right now.