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The Contenders: Howard Schultz

So far I’ve focused on Democratic candidates for president in 2020, and from the looks of it I’m going to have several more of these to write about. However, the potential candidate who is causing the most stir right now is talking about running as an independent. That’s Howard Schultz.

We don’t have a time of birth for Schultz, which is particularly problematic because his Moon changes signs on his date of birth. A morning birth would put it in Libra and an afternoon or evening birth would have it in Scorpio. From the little that I’ve read about Shultz, I could make an argument for either sign. (Click on Howard Schultz to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

In this partial horoscope the most dramatic feature is the sprawling conjunction of his Sun, Mars and Uranus in Cancer which is square a very tight conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Libra. This aspect explains his success in business. He’s a restless, high-energy type of guy. With all those Cardinal sign planets in a dynamic square aspect, Shultz is a person who has to always be advancing toward some goal.

Of course, since he’s a Cancer by Sun sign, Schultz forward movement is not always direct. He did not start Starbucks, but as a rep for coffee machines he chanced to meet the two men who did. He liked their idea and went to work for them, Schultz tried to talk them into diversifying the kinds of coffee drinks they sold. When they refused to do this, Schultz started his own coffee chain. The success of his company eventually allowed Schultz to buy the Starbucks brand from its originators and he became CEO of the new, combined company.

This same indirect, ambling approach has characterized Schultz’s presidential ambitions. He has yet to officially announce his candidacy, though he’s hinted at it all over the place. He’s labeled his policies as “centrist” but has made no definite proposals. Mostly he seems to be putting himself up as a response to the left wing of the Democratic party as represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who isn’t running, and Bernie Sanders, who might run but as yet to announce.

Despite his indirect approach, the possibility of Shultz’s candidacy has upset a lot of people. They see him as a possible spoiler in the 2020 election. They fear that, as a candidate, he could draw enough votes away from the Democratic nominee to give Trump a second term. Accusations of this sort were made against Ralph Nader in 2000, but Nader is an idealist who ran on clearly declared principles. Schultz seems to be just another billionaire looking for new trophy for  his mantel.

I’m not sure that all these worries are justified. It’s difficult to make predictions with a partial horoscope, but from what I can see of Schultz’s chart, the prognosis for his candidacy is not good. Right now transiting Pluto is opposed to Schultz’s Mars and square his Saturn and Neptune, and it’s going to stay close to this configuration for the rest of 2019. This is an aspect of attrition. The resistance to Schultz’s candidacy is not going to let up and the pressure on him to step aside is only going to increase.

Cancer people don’t always respond to pressure. They just hide in their shell and try to wait it out. This would be even more likely if Schultz’s Moon turns out to be in Scorpio. However, by May 2019, transiting Saturn will be getting into the act. It will come within a degree of squaring his natal Saturn (a Saturn Cycle aspect) and then it will turn retrograde. This is going to be the first hint of a major test for Schultz. He may be inclined to reassess the possibility of his candidacy at this time. However, if he isn’t, a bigger challenge is right around the corner.

In Jan. 2020 Saturn will complete its square to Howard Schultz’s natal Saturn. It will also conjunct transiting Pluto and join it opposite his Mars. This not only indicated of a major turning point in Schultz’s life, it also describes tremendous pressure coming from forces beyond his control. I could say more about this if we had a complete horoscope, but the one thing that’s certain is that January is going to be a hard month for Mr. Schultz.

Again, we only have a partial horoscope for Schultz. Still, I’m thinking that he will not be a factor in the 2020 election. If he does not opt out in in May or June he will be forced out by extraneous circumstances in January.

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