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The Contenders: Amy KlobucharKolbucharAmyImage

I was thinking of taking a break from this series, then Amy Klobuchar announced her candidacy. She becomes the fourth woman and the sixth senator in what is already a crowded field, and it looks like it’s only going to get more crowded. So, back to work for me.

We don’t have a time of birth for Klobuchar (click on Amy Kolbuchar to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth) but this partial horoscope seems to repeat some trends we’ve seen in the charts of previous contenders. For example, like Julian Castro, she is a New Moon baby. The New Moon was exact on the morning of her birth.

This makes Klobuchar a double Gemini. She’s clever and has good commununication skills. I expect that she will do well when it comes time for these candidates to debate. She also has Mercury in Gemini and it forms a helpful sextile aspect to Mars. She can be aggressive in her speech and impulsive in her thinking, but she uses these attributes to her advantage.

The other trend we saw in many of our other contender that repeats in this chart is a strong aspect to Pluto. Tulsi Gabbard has the Sun opposed to Pluto. Kirsten Gillibrand has the Sun and Venus square Pluto. Julian Castro has Mars conjunct Pluto. Kamala Harris has Venus conjunct Pluto. In the horoscope of Amy Klobuchar the Sun (and possibly the Moon) are square Pluto.

Strong aspects to the personal planets by Pluto convey toughness and resolve. They also add a touch of ruthlessness. With Pluto square her Sun, Klobuchar is a person determined to get her way. Since the Sun is in Gemini, she doesn’t bully her way through obstacles. She uses her intellect to work around them or to take them apart, piece-by-piece.

Klobuchar picked an excellent time to announce her candidacy. Saturn is approaching a conjunction with her natal Saturn. This is called a Saturn Return and it is an important passage in her Saturn Cycle. Obviously, Klobuchar is entering the race with a sense of mission. She feels that the timing is right. However, Saturn Cycle aspects are primarily tests, and in order to advance we have to pass.

Saturn will return to this aspect in July and November of this year. During this period Klobuchar is going to have to do something to distinguish herself from her many competitors. If she can do this, then she will have passed the test and she could become a major contender. If not, she may among the first to fold up her tents and withdraw.



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