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The Contenders: Joe Biden

Even though Joe Biden hasn’t announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, most polls have him as leading the pack. As the former Vice President, Biden has the advantage of name recognition. However, he is only one year younger than Bernie Sanders, and his age could be a negative factor.

Even though Biden is only one year younger than Sanders, he is firmly in the Baby Boom generation with Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo. So far, the batting record of this generation in term of presidencies (Bill Clinton, George Bush and now Donald Trump) has been less than brilliant. Biden might represent the generation’s last chance to improve its average.

Biden’s chart (click on Joe Biden to see his horoscope) is both dynamic and rather easy. The dynamic part includes the placement of Uranus on his Descendant, directly opposite his Sagittarius Ascendant. With Sagittarius rising Biden appears genuine and frank. Uranus on the angle gives him a mischievious quality and an air of unpredictability.

However, Biden’s Uranian unpredictability is countered by the dominance of change-adverse Fixed signs in his chart. Change may carry him along, but he is not the person to initiate change. This is where we get to the easy portion. Biden’s Sun, Venus and Mercury all trine Jupiter. Biden’s easy-going persona is not an act. He’s an optimistic guy (rare for a Scorpio) and he expects things to go his way. Also, Biden doesn’t have to work at being likable. It’s a natural part of his personality.

However, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Biden’s are in Scorpio. Behind Biden’s affable nature there is a toughness and a deep-seated resolve. He is also a serious guy who will do what is necessary to follow his principles.

Biden shares one placement with another of our contenders. Like Cory Booker, he has Neptune in the Tenth House. The aspects to Neptune in Biden’s chart are somewhat better, but he is also going to have trouble defining himself to the public. Biden has had a long political career. He has no doubt expressed opinions that differ from the current norm in the Democratic Party. People are going to be questioning where he stands.

Right now Uranus is closing in on its last conjunction (he had two in 2018) with Biden’s natal Moon. This tells me that he will be announcing his candidacy soon and that he will continue to be a front runner. However, in 2020 Neptune will be crossing his I.C. During the period leading up to the convention and after the question about where Biden actually stands on certain issues are going to proliferate. This may not be enough to destroy his candidacy, but it will certainly cause some stumbles.

Perhaps the most telling transit for Joe Biden occurred in Nov. 2008 when he and Barack Obama were elected. Saturn was crossing his Midheaven at that time. This transit often signifies a major career move. In some cases it represents the high point of a person’s career life. In 2016, when Saturn opposed it’s natal place in Biden’s chart, he chose not to run for president. Saturn is not going to be a factor in his chart in 2019 and 2020. That could be a telling detail.

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