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The Contenders: Cory BookerBookerCoryImage

Even though he just got around to announcing his candidacy last week, the notion of Cory Booker running for president has been floating for a quite a while. As New Jersey’s senator, he seemed to be hitting all the centrist, Democratic talking points. However, a vote he cast back in 2017 may cause him serious problems.

On Jan. 12, 2017 Booker voted against an amendment that would have allowed U.S. citizens to buy their pharmaceuticals from Canada where the drugs are significantly cheaper. In doing this Booker was, in one way, voting his constituency. There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey. But he was also voting big money. Pharmaceutical companies have been known to spend a lot of cash on candidates they regard as friendly.

At the time of that vote, transiting Saturn was square Pluto in Booker’s horoscope. (Click on Cory Booker to see the chart.) This is not typically a life changing aspect, but Pluto is placed in the Eighth House of “other people’s money” and it rules Scorpio, which is the sign on his Tenth House of career. Did Booker put a Saturn curse on his career with this vote to make other people a lot of money? That is a good question.

Booker is a Taurus by Sun sign with the Moon in Virgo. So, though he may talk like an idealist (he has Aquarius rising) he’s essentially a down-to-earth realist. Booker has the Sun in the Third House and Mercury on the I.C.  He’s a good communicator and knows how to combine his Earth sign practicality with sound intellectual principles. His Mercury is trine Jupiter, which expands the intellect, and trine Pluto, which adds focus and the ability to see beyond the apparent. All in all, it’s a pretty good chart for a politician, but it is definitely not the chart of a revolutionary.

The sticking point for this horoscope, at least in terms of Booker’s career aspirations, is the placement of Neptune in Tenth House where it is opposed to his natal Mercury. Neptune in the Tenth can be good for people working in the arts (or maybe fishing). However in the chart of a politician it describes a disconcerting vagueness and elasticity with regard to one’s principles and public image.

Booker’s Neptune gets a helpful aspect from Jupiter, so he may be able to use this lack of definition to his advantage. Maybe his rhetoric will slide to the left, where the Democratic party seems to be heading. Maybe he will be able to “appear” to various groups as they want him to appear.

The months between now and the election are going to be very active, astrology-wise, for Cory Booker. Uranus will trine his natal Moon during 2019, indicating that his campaign should get off to a good start. Then, in 2020, he gets two life-changing aspects: Uranus conjuncts his Sun and Saturn squares his natal Saturn  (a Saturn Cycle aspect).

Uranus brings radical change, sometimes good, sometimes devastating, while the Saturn Cycle aspect will bring a test or an accounting. Both these aspect will have a caustic effect on the vagaries of Neptune in Tenth. Uranus calls for truth. Saturn say cut out the bullshit. Booker is going to have to do both if his candidacy is going to survive.

The vote Booker cast is 2017 is just one of the things that he is going to have to account for during this period. With both Uranus and Saturn impacting his chart, he is going to need to successfully redefine himself. This is by no mean impossible, but the situation with his secondary progressed chart (progressed Mars square natal Moon and progressed Saturn conjunct his Sun) indicates that it is going be very difficult.

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