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Following the Moon: Feb. 4, 2019

As I predicted in my last “Following the Moon” article, (click here to see the article and the chart) there was movement on the government shutdown and, as was indicated by Neptune’s square to Jupiter in that Jan. 21 chart, it was not definitive. Essentially, Congress and the President kicked the can a few weeks down the road. Another showdown and possible “state of emergency” is looming.

One thing that I didn’t mention but is certainly in keeping with the Jan. 21 Full Moon chart was the rash of mash shootings that occurred at various places around the country during the past couple of weeks. We can connect this to the fact that both bloody Mars and rebellious Uranus are in Aries. Also, Mars is a tight square with Saturn and a trine with Jupiter in that chart. Whenever Mars is strongly activated, violence is likely.

Of course, there are some events that are so outlandish that they could never be predicted, such as the President of the United States belittling the heads of all his intelligence agencies because their facts don’t match his opinions. I connect this with the disruptive Uranus square to the Sun and Moon and also to the square between Jupiter and Neptune: educated authority versus overblown fantasy.

This square between Jupiter and Neptune is also prominent in the New Moon chart for Feb. 4, (click here to see the chart) so we should expect more of this foolishness. However, the most striking thing about the chart is the placement of both Mars and Uranus in Aries the Tenth House. This indicates sudden, radical actions by our leadership, such as Trump declaring a bogus state of emergency in order to get his wall.

The Sun and Moon are in the Seventh House of this chart which is a further indication of definitive action. The Sun and Moon are involved in a nice system of aspects involving Saturn and Neptune which form a sextile aspect. This could describe an amicable resolution of the trade talks now going on with China (the Seventh House is associated with both open enemies) or perhaps something that has been concealed from us or lied about (I know, those a pretty big categories) will be revealed or clarified.

There’s an outside chance that these positive aspects to the Sun and Moon could foretell a workable agreement on immigration and border security, but I’m not holding my breath.

The aspect that gives me pause in this chart is the square between Mars and Pluto. This could refer to more bullying behavior from our President, but it could also indicate violence on a grand scale. The fact that Mars is so prominent in this chart increases this possibility. The kind of mass shooting that we’ve had during the past month, in which three or four or five people were killed have (sadly) almost become routine. This aspect describes something that will really get our attention.

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