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The Contenders: Pete Buttigieg

Of all the contenders for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 that we have so far, Pete Buttigieg might seem like the least likely. His claim to fame is as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a wonderful city I’m sure, but not one that most Americans would be able to point out on a map of the United States, or even of Indiana.

Buttigieg’s second claim to fame is as the only openly gay candidate running for the Democratic nomination. He is also the youngest of our contenders, beating out Tulsi Gabbard by eight months. This might cause some people to view Buttigieg as a sort of “vanity” candidate, more interested in making a statement than in winning. However, I’m not so sure about that.

Buttigieg’s is one of those horoscopes that is almost impossible to talk about without of time of birth. (Click here to see a partial horoscope done of noon on his date of birth.) A lot of what’s happening in the chart involves the Moon which changed signs on the day he was born and could be involved in some important aspects. However, we do know that Buttigieg is a Capricorn by Sun sign (even though his Sun on the last degree of that sign) and Capricorn people don’t waste their time on “vanity” projects.

Another thing about the Sun in Buttigieg’s chart is that it is square Pluto. It seems that all of the candidates I’ve written about so far have some sort of Pluto or Saturn connection that provides grit, resolve and toughness to their personalities. With this aspect involving his Capricorn Sun, Buttigieg plays the long game. Win or lose, his entry into this race is part of a larger plan. You’d have to ask him about the ultimate goal of that plan, but I wouldn’t count on getting an answer. People with strong Pluto aspects tend to value their secrets.

What interests me most about this chart is an upcoming transit. In January of 2020 Saturn and Pluto will be exactly conjunct at 22 degrees of Capricorn. At that time the two planets will  form a square aspect to Buttigieg’s natal Saturn at 22 degrees Libra. Again, we have a candidate who is going to have an important Saturn cycle aspect between now and the election. But, with Buttigieg, the aspect also involves Pluto.

It is the opinion of many astrologers that the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Jan. 2020 is going to coincide with an economic crisis in the United States. It is likely also going to involve a crisis in the presidency of Donald Trump as well, since the conjunction will oppose his natal Saturn at 23 degrees of Cancer. (More about that at a later date.) So, the question is, how is this going to impact the presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg?

Like all Saturn cycle aspects, this one is going to challenge Buttigieg. He is going to have to pass a test, make an accounting or overcome some sort of adversity. The fact that Pluto is also involved will make this weighty time in Buttigieg life even more weighty. It makes it more likely that the challenge he gets from Saturn will be overwhelming.

On the other hand, if Buttigieg is able to weather this challenge, if he is able to use either his personal crisis or the crisis that so many astrologers fear for the nation to prove his grit, resolve and determination, his long-shot bid for the presidency could be transformed into something much more formidable. Without a time of birth, all we can do is guess, and wait until Jan. 2020.

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