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The Contenders: Kamala HarrisHarrisKamalaImage

Senator Kamala Harris is another of the contenders for the Democratic nomination in 2020 (at least the ones who have announced their intension to run) for whom we have a complete horoscope. (Click on Kamala Harris to see the chart.)

The most striking thing about this chart is the fact that Harris was born under a Full Moon, with the Sun and the Moon almost exactly opposite one another. This often indicates a strong personality (Donald Trump is also a full moon baby) but it also describes a personality divided against itself. In Harris’ case that divide seems to be between her Libra idealism and desire for consensus and her combative, get-out-of-my-way Aries Moon.

Harris began her career in politics as the District Attorney for San Francisco and then as the Attorney General for the state of California. Both of these jobs involved making decisions that directly affected people’s lives. Some of the decisions Harris made were controversial, in particular her aversion to the death penalty and a program she instituted as AG to rehabilitate non-violent offenders.  However, despite criticism from various sources, Harris held her ground.

What makes Harris’ full moon birth chart even more remarkable is the fact that Saturn, which is placed near the Midheaven, trines her Sun and sextiles her Moon. People with Saturn on the Midheaven are typically focused on their careers. They feel the need to do something significant. For some this becomes a burden that crushes their spirit. For Harris, who has Saturn strongly placed in Aquarius and with those positive aspect from the Sun and Moon, it is the source of great ambition and powerful sense of purpose.

The most problematic feature in this chart is the placement of Mars in Leo in Harris’ Third House. Mars is strong in Leo and it receives a square aspect from expansive Jupiter. This describes a person who is passionate about her convictions and ready to fight for what she believes. (In other words, it takes Aries side of the divide I just described.) Unfortunately, Mars is also squared by Neptune, which indicates that Harris may not always be as logical and correct in her convictions as she thinks she is.

When Harris announced her candidacy Uranus was within a degree of opposing her natal Sun and conjunct her natal Moon. It was a good time to take a bold step. However, Uranus is a tricky devil and often those bold steps turn out to be stumbles. We might see something like this from Harris in March and April when Uranus moves on to oppose her natal Mercury.

Despite these stumbles I think that Harris is going to remain a contender. Skipping ahead to election day id 2020, her chart is filled with interesting transits. For example, transiting Saturn will be square both her natal Sun and her natal Moon. Saturn aspects to the Sun (like Saturn Cycle aspects) challenge us. That challenge could take many forms but winning (or losing) an election would certainly qualify.

In Harris’ secondary progressed chart for Nov. 2020, the progressed Sun will be crossing her Descendant. One of the things that this aspect could describe is a sudden rise to prominence and extraordinary good fortune. Back in 2016, when Donald Trump was elected President, his secondary progressed Sun was on his Ascendant. That's not a prediction, but it something to think about.             

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