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The Contenders: Julian Castro

When I started this series I assumed that I would be looking at a lot of horoscopes without birth times. To my surprise, the time of  birth is known for at least two of the contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. One of them is Julian Castro, who mentioned his time of birth (as well as that of his identical twin brother, Joaquin) in an NPR interview. (Click on Julian Castro to see the chart.)

Even though Castro is not the youngest person in this field, he has a long history of being the youngest among his peers. He was the youngest person ever elected to the San Antonio city council, the youngest mayor of a major city and, as Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the youngest cabinet secretary. Castro lags behind most of these contenders in terms of name recognition, but he is the equal to any when it comes to ambition.

Castro’s horoscope reveals a strong emphasis on the intellect and communication. He has a stellum (a cluster) of planets in the Third House which rules communication and Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication is near his I.C. On top of this he has both the Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo, one of the sign Mercury rules.

Castro is, above all else, a problem-solver. He has great confidence in the power of his mind to overcome disorder and inefficiency. He’s clever and a good talker. With four planets in Libra (Mars, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, he can also be charming and persuasive. The danger with all this emphasis on brain-power is what I call the "smartest guy in the room syndrom." His faith in intellectual solutions can alienate him from "regular" people and lead to arrogance and elitism.

Fortunately for Castro, in his case this intellectualism is somewhat offset by the fact that he has Cancer rising. Castro knows how to relate to people cloth his cleverness in homespun, at least in the  short term. There is a “Mr. Nice Guy” quality about him. However, his Mars in Libra is conjunct Pluto. This means that beneath all his polite patter there is a keen awareness of power and its uses. He is no pushover. His resolve is ironclad and if pushed to the brink he will fight, and fight dirty,

In terms of his transits Castro has the strongest chart I’ve seen so far. Three times in 2019, in Feb, July and Nov., Saturn will oppose his natal Saturn. Castro is starting his campaign under an all-important Saturn Cycle aspect. These transits typical mark important turning points our life. Of course, beginning a new direction under a Saturn Cycle transit doesn’t guarantee success. It just means that you are being given an opportunity to test your limitations. Castro’s horoscope shows us a lot of potential but also some definite limitations. He’s going to have to prove during the next ten months that he can overcome those limitations if he wants to remain a contender.

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