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The Contenders: Kirsten Gillibrand and Tulsi GabbardGabbardGillibrandImage

In this series I am looking at the charts of people who are vying for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. I’ve decided to put these two candidates together because both face serious challenges, both politically and astrologically. (Click on Kirsten Gillibrand to see a chart done for noon on her birth date and on Tulsi Gabbard to the same for her birth date.)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is probably known to most of America as the candidate who announced on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” That gave her campaign a little pop culture buzz. Lately, however, that buzz has been drowned out by liberal outrage over some of the positions Gillibrand held when she was a congresswoman represent a conservative district in northern New York state. Back then Gillibrand expressed opinions with regard to immigration that would go well with a MAGA hat and she opposed gun control.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard brings youth into the race, but she also brings some history. While serving in the Hawaiian legislature she was a vocal opponent of both gay marriage and civil union. She’s even on record advocating “conversion therapy”, a process that begins with the theory that homosexuality is a kind of mental illness. Even though her resume on other Democratic talking point is sound, this activity has a lot people shaking their heads.

Both Gillibrand and Gabbard have disavowed their previous positions. They say that they have “evolved” and developed a more progressive point of view. Maybe they have. Personally, I think that everyone should be allowed to grow and change. However, in politics (particularly politics as practiced within the Democratic Party) second chances are rare. Gillibrand and Gabbard face an uphill fight and, unfortunately for them, they get no help from astrology.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s horoscope is dominated by a T-square with the Sun and Venus at the apex and Saturn and Pluto at the wings. She’s a tough one, a person who’s wired to withstand adversity and shake off criticism. However, right now Neptune is nearing a square to her natal Sun. It will be within a degree by March and it will remain close into 2020. This indicates that, as a candidate, she is going to have to expend a lot of time and energy defending her credibility and redefining herself. The fact that she’s a Sagittarius by Sun sign doesn’t help. Sagittarians like to “wing it.” With transiting Neptune squaring her Sun, every time Gillibrand tries to wing it, misunderstanding and doubts are going to proliferate.

With Sun in Aries conjunct Mars and opposed Pluto, Tulsi Gabbard is also a fighter. It’s no surprise that she began her career in the military. She is someone who understands discipline and the use of power. Gabbard’s problem is that transiting Pluto is now in Capricorn and square her natal Pluto and Sun and Mars. Pluto squares typically bring us obstacles and frustration. We often feel that we are fighting the same battle over and over. The long term goal with such aspects is to transform you through adversity into a stronger and more resilient person. That a wonderful goal, but getting there typically involve more losing than winning.

It is always possible that in their complete horoscopes Gillibrand and Gabbard have some brilliant transit that will counter-balance these negative influences. There is no way to know without a time of birth. However, from what I can see here, both these contenders are at a serious disadvantage.

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