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The Contenders: Elizabeth Warren

It’s only January 2019 and already there are several hats in the ring for Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. I going to look at the horoscopes of some of these hopefuls and see what the planets have to say about their chances. Of course, I am limited by the fact that, currently, we don’t have a time of birth for any of them.

I’m going to start with Senator Elizabeth Warren. (Click on Elizabeth Warren to see a horoscope done for noon on her birthday.) Even without a time of birth, Warren’s chart is striking. The Sun is in the first degree of Cancer conjunct Uranus. The power of the Sun conjunct Uranus in undeniable. It describes an independent and fearless personality. However, having this conjunction in Cancer presents us with a unique set of problems.

The directness with which Uranus works and it’s tendency to defy and disrupt do not blend well with Cancer’s indirect, cautious form of activism. Cancer wants to nurture. Uranus loves stirring up trouble. Cancer people tend to be self-conscious. Uranus doesn’t care what other people think. I see this as one reason why Warren’s enthusiasm at time seems forced. Uranus is calling her to lead the charge, be bold and defy the odds, while her Cancer Sun sign is shouting, “Be careful.”

Jupiter in this chart forms a close quincunx to both Uranus and the Sun. This expands this the conflict I just described but the connection between Jupiter and Uranus also adds an element of good fortune. I’ve talked about this in the horoscope of Donald Trump, who has Jupiter in a close trine to Uranus. The fact that Warren’s aspect is a quincunx indicates that her good fortune comes from unexpected source and that she may not always be able to take advantage of it.

Looking at the transits for Warren’s chart, it is noteworthy that transiting Uranus was in a friendly, sextile aspect with her Sun and Uranus a couple of times last year. (It was during the second of these transits that Warren released a DNA analysis that confirmed her claim that she had Native American ancestors.) Uranus will sextile her Sun and natal Uranus again in March 2019. We might see some more surprises from her at this time.

Looking ahead to Nov. 2020, at that time transiting Neptune will be trine her natal Venus. This is not necessarily an indicator of an electoral victory. These aspects tend to work on a more personal level. However, that could change Venus were to rule her Ascendant or be placed in her Tenth House, things we cannot know with this partial horoscope.

The most negative indicator I see comes from Warren’s secondary progressed chart. Saturn in that chart has moved to a square aspect to her natal Mars. This is a long term aspect. It has been active in her chart for a while and will continue to be a factor through 2020 and beyond. It indicates a sapping of vitality which, of course, points to health issues. This would be particularly likely if Mars was in the First or Sixth Houses.

I could go further with this, but with a partial horoscope there are just too many unknowns. The overall strength of Warren’s chart is obvious but, using the data we have, the indicators that might predict her nomination or a victory in Nov. 2020 are weak. Of course, if we had a complete horoscope that could all change.

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