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Following the Moon Jan. 21, 2019MoonImagePurple

As predicted, the period covered by New Moon chart for Jan. 5 turned out to be more about posturing and threats than action. President Trump talked about declaring a state of emergency and funding his wall without congressional approval but now he has apparently backed away from that threat. Then, belatedly, he offered to make a deal with Democrats, only to be told it was too little too late.

Fortunately, my prediction of acts of violence taking over the headlines did not come to pass. Instead, we had the escape of Jayme Closs, which I think has a lot to do with the quincunx between Uranus and Venus in the Jan. 5 chart. Quincunx aspects typically describe the strange and unexpected. Being kidnapped and kept under the perpetrators bed seems to qualify. Venus is also trine to Mars in the Eighth House, which describes the violence of her kidnapping. However, the fact that the aspect was a trine describes her courageous escape.

The Full Moon (and eclipse) chart for Jan. 21, 2019 is a bit scary. When set for Washington D.C., it places the Moon on the Midheaven and the Sun on the I.C. making a T-square to Uranus on the Descendant. The chart seems to describe some sort of desperate and radical action. Perhaps President Trump will make good on his threat to call a state of emergency, or perhaps Republicans in the Senate will rebel against their leadership and force a deal. The indication is that it is going to be an interesting two weeks and that the current impasse will, in some way, be broken.

Despite these angular placements in the chart, it contains some positive indicators. Venus, the ruler of the chart (and the Ascendant) is conjunct Jupiter and trine Mars. The aspects are all very close. However, Mars is square Saturn, while Venus and Jupiter are square Neptune, so these positive indicators are countered by significant stressful aspect.

I think the effects of the shutdown are going to become much more severe in the coming weeks, particularly with regard to the economy. The strength of Uranus indicates an unexpected event, such as a terrorist attack or weather event, that will make the disfunction of our government much more evident. The square between Mars and Saturn indicates continued intransience and foot-dragging, but the planets are in cardinal signs so movement is possible. The square by Neptune to Venus and Jupiter tells us that the resolution will not be entirely what it seems and that duplicity by one side or the other will be involved.

We generally see the Moon as representing the people in a mundane chart like this and the Sun as the leadership. Since it is the Moon that is paramount in this chart (conjunct the Midheaven) we could say that the resolution to this impasse should both come from the people and work to the benefit of the people. However, that might be a little bit optimistic. This chart also indicates conflict and deception. The presence of Neptune indicates that someone will not be dealing in good faith and the strength of Uranus tells us that unexpected event will be an important factor. All in all, it should be a very interesting two weeks.

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