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What’s Up with Lindsey Graham?

The behavior of Senator Lindsey Graham has a lot of people scratching their heads. Back in 2016 Graham famously advised Republican voters to tell Donald Trump to “go to hell.” Early on during the Trump administration he often joined the late John McCain in opposing the President’s agenda. However, since the death of McCain, Graham’s tone has changed remarkably. Though he has questioned a few of Trump’s decisions (such as pulling troops out of Syria) for the most part his support for the President has been loud and clear.

It is generally thought that this change came because Graham, like so many of his Republican colleagues, recognized that getting reelected without the support of Trump’s true believers has become an impossibility. Trump’s control over the Republican base has gone beyond politics to something closer to a cult. Graham had no choice but to drink the Kool-Aid. However, Graham is a Cancer by Sun sign and Cancer people rarely do anything for just one reason. So, I decided to take a look at his horoscope. (Click on Lindsey Graham to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.)

The influence of Cancer in Graham’s chart is strong. Not only does he have the Sun placed there, but also Venus, Mars and Uranus. Cancer people tend to be conservative, at least when it comes to their private life, and in Graham’s case this tendency is augmented by the trine his Sun makes to Saturn. There’s no doubt about Graham’s allegiance to such Republican values as small government, a strong military and fiscal responsibility. However, what interests me about this chart is the influence of Neptune.

Since we do not have a complete chart for Graham we don’t know where Neptune is placed on the wheel, but we do know that it forms a square aspect to both his Mars and Uranus and it makes a nearly exact trine to his Mercury. People with Mars aligned with Uranus always tend to be unpredictable. The aspects to Neptune adds to this unpredictability, while its trine to Mercury describes someone whose thinking processes are fluid and unfettered by boundaries. Graham doesn’t just think outside the box, he refuses to acknowledge the box exists. Along with these aspects, Graham’s Moon sign is Pisces, the sign that Neptune rules. So, Neptune has a big presence in this horoscope.

There are many good things about Neptune. Neptune dissolves the boundaries that impede creativity, compassion and spiritual growth. However, a world without boundaries is a world without standards, rules or contradictions. Beliefs and ideas that might otherwise be mutually exclusive coexist with ease in Neptune’s world. So, it could be that Graham’s early distaste for Donald Trump hasn’t changed at all, it just now sits comfortably beside equally deep conviction that Trumps’ agenda is (almost) exactly what the country needs.

Another interesting thing about Graham’s chart is that throughout 2019 transiting Neptune will be moving back and forth in a trine to his natal Sun. This means that instead of facing these contradictory beliefs, Graham is going to become more and more comfortable with them as the year goes on. It probably going to take some major event, a shocking revelation that even Neptune can’t ignore, to bring Graham out of this happy fog. Until that happens (and it will) expect more head-scratching behavior from Lindsey Graham.