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Mars and the Kidnapping of Jayme ClossMarsSymbol

In the midst of the government shutdown and the face-off between President Trump and Congress we did get at least a little good news last week. Jayme Closs, the Wisconsin girl who had been taken from her home back in Oct. 2018 was found alive. Authorities had feared the worse after the girl disappeared. Her parents had been shot to death and it was thought a similar fate awaited Jayme.

But Jayme fooled us all, including her captor. On Jan. 10 she managed to escape from the house in which she was been held prisoner and, with the help of neighbors, call the police. She identified the perpetrator and he was quick arrested. She will no doubt suffer from the shock of these traumatic events for years to come, but her resilience and resourcefulness has given us all a moment of hope.

Jayme Closs was born on July 13, 2005. (Click on Jayme Closs to see a partial horoscope done for noon on her date of birth and for the town in which she was living when she was kidnapped.) Her Sun sign is Cancer. Cancer people are known for their deep emotions, but there is a whole lot of fight in this sign. This activism is augmented in Jayme's chart but the close square aspect her Sun makes to Mars.

Mars represents (among other things) competition, athletic prowess, the military and acts of violence. When the Sun is strongly aspected by Mars we have to expect that one of these attributes is going to play a major role in a person’s life. Violence is by no means the most likely but, in Jayme’s case, it was apparently the winner. The violence to which she has been subjected is probably something that she will dealing with for the rest for her life.

This square to the Sun by Mars played another role in Closs’s story. On Oct. 19, 2018, the day her parents were killed and she was abducted, the transiting Sun was at 22Libra17, square her natal Sun and opposed to her natal Mars. On Jan. 10, 2019, when she escaped and was rescued, the transiting Sun was at 20Capricorn12, opposed to her natal Sun and square her natal Mars.

There were other aspects going on in Jayme Closs’s chart during this period and, if I had a complete horoscope for her, I’m sure would find many more. However, I think these solar aspects tell her story with great eloquence. They describe a youngster who, after having her life torn apart by the violence of another person, found the Mars energy inside her own soul and used it to thwart her captor and save herself.

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