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Happy Days for Stephen Miller

This is a tough time for many federal employees. Because of the government shutdown a lot of them are out of a job or working without pay. However, there’s one federal employee who’s having a grand ol’ time. That’s White House advisor, Stephen Miller.

I wrote about Miller a couple of years ago but at that time he had a lot less hair and I didn’t have a complete horoscope for him. A while back a reader kindly directed me to astro-databank where a chart based on the time of birth on his birth certificate was posted. (Click on Stephen Miller to see that chart.) The complete chart doesn’t change anything that I wrote back then (click here to see that article) but it does add a lot of missing details.

One detail is the precise placement of the Moon. It is conjunct Uranus and trine Mercury. A trine between the Moon and Mercury generally indicates a sharp intellect. It describes a person who can be both intuitive and rational at the same time. The conjunction with Uranus (which is also trine Mercury) adds an edginess and revolutionary zeal. Since the Moon and Uranus are in the Eleventh House, the inspiration for all that intelligence and zeal comes from a need to feel a part of something larger than himself.

Another detail that I couldn’t see in the partial chart was the placement of Miller’s Virgo Sun in the Eighth House. People with the Sun in the Eighth are often slowly working their way through deep, personal issues. With this placement of the Sun, it’s no surprise that Miller’s vision of the world seems so dark and fraught with fear. The fact that they embrace the “dark side” of their personalities helps most people with the Sun in the Eighth find wisdom and perspective. However, Miller seems to be moving in a different direction.

Finally, Miller’s complete horoscope features Pluto on the Midheaven. This adds to the emphasis on the Eighth House. (Pluto rules Scorpio which is the eighth sign and “natural” ruler of the Eighth House.) Also, people with Pluto often feel compelled, even desperate, to do something important, something that brings about transformative change.

This is one reason why this is such a happy time for Stephen Miller. People with Pluto on the Midheaven and the Sun in the Eighth often seem to be at their best in dire situations. They see in calamity a confirmation of their fears and a step toward a necessary transformation. Disaster is their natural element.

The other reason has to do with transiting Jupiter, which has been passing over Miller’s natal Moon and Uranus and trine his Mercury during the past couple of weeks. During Jupiter transits we typically feel expansive, lucky and optimistic. Things tend to work out in our favor. Miller has been a major architect of Trump’s hardline on immigration and it seems certain that he has encouraged the President to stand firm on the issue of the wall. From his (and Jupiter’s) point of view the current impasse with Congress and the government shutdown are indications that he is winning.

My experience with Jupiter transit is that they rarely bring us lasting change. They bring us good feelings for a couple of weeks and, when Jupiter moves away from the aspect, the party's over. Jupiter will be moving past its aspects in Miller’s chart during the next few days. This is not going to stop the government shutdown. It’s just going to remove the Jupiter haze from Stephen Miller’s mind and he may recognize that, if the gambit he’s been pushing fails, he could be the person out of a job.

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