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Following the Moon: Jan. 5, 2019

The chart for our last Full Moon on Dec. 22 was relatively peaceful and, overall, we have enjoyed a relatively peaceful two weeks. The big news was the continued government shutdown but, other than the unfortunate employees (who aren’t getting paid) and people hoping to visit our national parks, the impact of the shutdown has been more of a nuisance than a crisis. I attributed the shutdown to Saturn on the Midheaven of that horoscope and Saturn problems often only become apparent in the long term (Click here to see the article on the Dec. 22 Full Moon and the chart.)

Another activity we associate with Saturn, and one I didn’t mention in the article, is the long arm of the law. Perhaps the most important piece of information to come out during the past two weeks were reports that the Mueller investigation was still going strong. This was a disappointment for a lot of people for different reasons, but it is in keeping with the slow, relentless pace that Saturn favors.

The chart for the New Moon and eclipse on Jan. 5 is, at first glance, also a relatively peaceful horoscope, with the Sun and Moon in the Fifth House (when done of Washington D.C.) and sextile to Neptune. (Click here to see the chart.) However, closer examination reveals some troubling issues. The Sun and Moon are in a wide conjunction with Saturn on one side and Pluto on the other. It’s sort of like being trapped on the couch between your tea-totaling aunt who hates everyone and your uncle who talks of nothing but conspiracy theories. It’s not a comfortable position.

This puts the sextiles to the Sun and Moon in a  different perspective. Neptune can be glamor, fun diversions and even spiritual enlightenment, but it can also represent foolish, ineffective behavior. This tendency is reinforced by the square Neptune makes to Jupiter. This aspect says foolishness expanded. I think we can expect a lot of ineffectual maneuvering in our government over the next two weeks. Each side will seek to blame the other for the shut down and any practical effort to stop it will quickly get sucked into this blame game.

Venus in this chart is in Scorpio in the Fourth House. Venus has a lot to do with how we relate to other people, but it is also associated with money and finance. Venus forms a nearly exact quincunx with Uranus with is in the Ninth House. I see this as indicating conflict over how to deal with the burgeoning budget deficit, and the aspect indicates that, once again, there will be a lot of maneuvering but little action.

The action in this horoscope is represented by Mars, which is square Mercury. This indicates aggressive talk, probably involving the blame game I mentioned. However, since Mars is strong in Aries in the resentful Eighth House, I think that this aspect could also manifest in acts of violence perpetrated by people who are both desperate and seriously misinformed. The fact that Mercury is in the Fifth House, which rules children, is an ominous hint that it could be another school shooting. Hopefully, this can be avoided.

It would seem that the first New Moon of 2019 promises a continuation of the frustration and fearfulness of 2018. It also seems to describe President Donald Trump first encounter with a divded Congress. I expect the government shutdown to drag on until it does reach crisis status. It seems unlikely that this new congress will any more like to give President Trump his wall than the old one (in which his own party controlled both houses). At some point, since he is basically an inconsistent Gemini, Trump will waver and make a deal. However, I don’t see this happening during the next two weeks.

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