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Musings on a New YearHappyNewYear

This is the time when people look back at the old year with both fondness and regret and starting thinking about what the next year will bring. Astrologers have a certain advantage when it comes to that last part. We can look at what the planets are doing during the coming year. The problem it that, for 2019, they aren’t doing all that much.

Some people might argue with that opinion but when I’m doing mundane astrology (the astrology of current events) I tend to use a limited palette. I depend a very few, tried-and-true techniques. I consider major transits, which is to say transiting aspect between the four slowest moving planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I also consider aspects those planets will be making to the horoscope of the country under consideration (usually the U.S.A.) and the horoscope of the sitting president or leader of that country (Donald Trump in the case of the U.S.)

When I say aspects, what I generally mean are angular aspects: conjunctions, squares and oppositions. Other aspect, like trines and sextiles also have influence but when it comes to making things happen and changing the course of events, it’s the angular aspects that are most reliable. And, when I’m considering these aspects I use a limited orb. The orb is the distance from exactitude that is considered the limit of the aspects effectiveness. I favor an orb of just one degree.

It is according to this criteria that I am saying that not much is happening, astrologically, in 2019. We have no major, angular transits during the calendar year of 2019. We have one significant aspect to the Sibly chart for the United States (the U.S. chart that I am currently using) and no hard aspects to the horoscope of President Donald Trump.

I should add that, when considering natal horoscopes, I also look at secondary progressions. I wrote about Donald Trump’s secondary progressed horoscope a few days ago and noted that the only thing going on there was the slow separation of the conjunction of his secondary progressed Venus to his natal Jupiter. (To see that article, and learn what that means, click here.)

I will be writing more about the aspect to the Sibly chart in the near future. It will dominate the first month of 2019. As for the rest of the year, please don’t assume that “nothing” is going to happen. Stuff is happening all the time.

I predict that there will be more mass shootings, not necessarily because of anything astrological but because right now there are enough guns in private hands in the U.S. to kill every American citizen without ever having to use the same gun twice. I also predict that there will be extreme weather events during 2019, not because of anyone’s horoscope, but because of the damage we’ve been doing to the planet’s atmosphere over the past hundred years.

What this absence of close, “hard” aspects in 2019 means is that what we won’t see is events that bring about a change of course, events that will later be viewed as a turning point. We may see some events that come close. We may even see some that, at first glance, seem to be earth-shaking, but in retrospect will be viewed as merely and symptom of a larger problem.

So, don’t expect to be bored during 2019, just don’t expect any major changes in direction. Look at it as a year of rest. The past few years have been full of events and changes and 2020 promises to be even more so. In fact, by the end of 2020 I willing to bet that many of us will be wistful for the relative quiet of 2019.

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