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Donald Trump Loses His Lucky Aspect

At the moment, 2019 looks like it could be a very bumpy year. We are in the midst of a government shutdown with no end in sight, the stock market is sputtering, the Mueller investigation continues to grind on and the Vladimir Putin seems intent on restarting the cold war. It’s no wonder that our President seems to be a bit glum.

Back in June I wrote an article about secondary progressions in the horoscope of President Donald Trump. (Click here to see the article.) In particular, I discussed the conjunction of his secondary progressed Venus to his natal Jupiter. Jupiter in Donald Trump’s horoscope is trine his Uranus, an aspect associated with extraordinary good fortune. Trump’s progressed Venus was activating that lucky aspect for most of 2018.

If you forget about all the investigations in to his businesses, charities, presidential campaign, transition team, sex life and presidency, 2018 was a pretty good year for Donald Trump. It started off just before the first  of the year when he got his tax bill passed. The economy continued to soar and unemployment was way down. He firmly established his control over the Republican Party and he got two conservative judges appointed to the Supreme Court. On top of this he was able to renegotiate new trade agreements with Mexico and Canada and, around the time that this secondary progression was exact, Trump held a historic summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

When I wrote that article in June, however, I pointed out that secondary progressed Venus was beginning to separate or move beyond this aspect. Separating aspects are generally considered to have less influence than applying aspects. By Jan. 1, 2019 that separation process will be well underway and by Nov. 2019 the aspect will be beyond an orb (or sphere of influence) of one degree, basically no longer a factor.

Evidence of this weakening aspect is beginning to show up in President Trump’s life. The “blue wave” we saw in the mid-term elections was one thing. The fact that Trump was unable to get support for his border wall from the Republican controlled Senate is another. Luck has played a major role throughout Donald Trump’s career and it has certainly been a factor in his rise to the presidency. But now he is going to have to face life with a little bit less of it.

In the horoscope of Donald Trump for 2019 there are no major transits and no important secondary progressions. The main thing happening in his chart for the upcoming year is the slow dissolving of this secondary progressed aspect. For this reason I think that, regardless of the problems facing his presidency, we can count on having Donald Trump in the White House for the entirety of the 2019. However, without the help of this "lucky" aspect, it will by no means be an easy year.

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