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Mercury, Saturn and Mick MulvaneyMulvaneyMickImage

I wasn’t all that interested in President Trump’ choice to replace John Kelly as his Chief of Staff. People come and go in this administration so often and so quickly that I wasn’t sure if this new face was worth my attention. Then I learned that Trump’s pick, Mick Mulvaney,  once said that he supported Donald Trump even though he thought Trump was a “terrible person.” I just had to see the horoscope that would produce that kind of thinking.

Mulvaney is a Cancer by Sun sign with Mercury also is Cancer in an almost exact square to Saturn in Aries. (Click on Mick Mulvaney to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his birth date.) Mercury is traditionally associated with the mind and thinking. I call it the problem-solver, that part of the mind that figures things out, starting with walking on two legs and potty training and going on to higher math and philosophy.

With Mercury in such a close square to Saturn, Mulvaney is an orderly thinker. He seeks to specifically categorize everything around him. His thinking is pragmatic, practical and somewhat narrow in its range. However, since Mercury is in Cancer, his emotions often blur the practicality and neat categories that Saturn prefers. There’s conflict between the way he wants to think and the general emotionality of his Cancer personality.

One way to deal with this conflict is to intellectually separate what he thinks from what he feels. This is what allowed Mulvaney to “think” that he could support Donald Trump even though he “felt” that Trump was a bad person. Unfortunately for Mulvaney, this tactic is doomed to failure. With Cancer people emotion always dominates thinking. Sooner or later what Mulvaney “feels” about Donald Trump is going to get the better of what he “thinks.”

Uranus in Mulvaney’s chart is square both the Sun and Moon in President Trump’s horoscope. This does not bode well for his longevity as Chief of Staff. The Trump White House needs someone who can steady the rocking boat. This Uranus connection indicates that Mulvaney will only increase Trump’s tendencies toward disruption and unpredictability. With Mulvaney in charge the boat is only going to rock even harder.

In January Saturn will square natal Saturn in Mulvaney chart. This is a Saturn Cycle aspect and these aspect typically bring important tests to our ability and character. This is likely when Mulvaney will face his first big challenge as the new Chief of Staff. In March transiting Uranus will oppose Mulvaney’s natal Mars, indicating major conflict. If he’s still Chief of Staff after these two aspect, I will be surprised. A Cancer who goes with his head instead of his heart is almost always heading for a fall.