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General John Kelly Says GoodbyeKellyJohnImage

Back in Aug. 2017, shortly after he was appointed White House Chief of Staff, I wrote that, since Mars in Kelly’s chart squared the Sun in Trump’s, there would probably be friction between the two men. There have been rumors of this, but Kelly has not let that friction deter him from performing his duty, or at least what he saw has his duty. Now, apparently, that friction has become too great and Kelly is leaving at the end of the year.

Kelly is a Taurus by Sun sign and Taurus people are not quitters. General Kelly has stuck it out for almost year and a half, cleaning up Trump’s messes, firing the people he wanted fired, making sure that at least the semblance or order existed in the White House and, on one occasion, even defending the President’s ham-fisted condolence call to a woman whose husband had been killed in an ambush of American troops in Africa. However, even a Taurus has a breaking point.

What we can see going on in Kelly’s chart right now is interesting. (Click on John Kelly to see a partial horoscope for Kelly done for noon on his date of birth.) Transiting Pluto is currently moving into a trine to his natal Sun. What’s interesting about this aspect is that Pluto aspects are usually trying. Pluto pushes us toward transformation and, often, this means we have to go through extreme and painful experiences. But the aspect is a trine, a “good” aspect. Can we assume, then, that Kelly’s resignation is a “good” transformation? Maybe, but even at its best, Pluto rarely plays nice.

One thing that is certain is that Kelly is getting out of Dodge just before the “high sheriff” (special counsel Robert Mueller) starts cleaning up the town. It might be supposed that by leaving now, Kelly will be avoid being pulled into the investigation. What I see in this Pluto aspect, which will recur in Kelly’s chart later in 2019, indicates otherwise. Pluto also represents powers beyond our control. A subpoena from either a House committee or the Mueller team would certain fit that criteria.

What would Kelly do if he were forced to testify under oath about events that occurred during his tenure and Chief of Staff? Another thing about Taurus people is they tend to follow their principles regardless of the consequences. Given Kelly’s stiff, Marine Corps background, I think this would be doubly true of him. Another thing I said about the square of Kelly’s Mars to Trump’s Sun was that Kelly could turn out to be the President’s most dangerous enemy. With Pluto (which, I might add, is associated with revenge) dominating Kelly’s chart for the next year, that could still be the case

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