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Michael Cohen and Astrological RerunsCohenMImage

I once said, paraphrasing someone much smarter than myself, that astrology doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. That remark requires a bit of correction. Astrological aspects do repeat themselves. It’s the events that coincide that very often rhyme. We saw an example of that this week when Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former “fixer”, pled guilty to lying to Congress.

What’s going on in Cohen’s chart (click on Michael Cohen to see a partial chart done for his date of birth) is that Uranus is square his natal Mars. This is an aspect of disruption. Either you become the disrupter or your life is disrupted by some outside force. (Actually, it’s usually a combination of both, but let’s keep it simple.) Cohen’s guilty plea was certainly disruptive. Contradicting statments he had made before Congress, Cohen admitted that Donald Trump was engaged in a big real estate deal with Russia and Vladimir Putin until just before he accepted the nomination.

You’ll recall that all of this started back in April when Cohen’s office and Manhattan apartment were raided by the FBI. Guess where transiting Uranus was then. You got it. It was at 28 degrees of Aries, just one degree from where it is today and two degrees from squaring Cohen’s natal Mars. So we have the same aspect. The difference is that in April it was Cohen’s life that was disrupted. Now he’s being the disrupter.

It just so happened that a close associate of Michael Cohen’s was also having an important transit in April 2018. Transiting Saturn was opposed to Mercury in the horoscope of Donald Trump. (Click here to see the chart.) When Saturn makes a hard aspect to Mercury one of the things we expect is bad news. Certainly learning that Cohen, who had knowledge about many aspects of Trumps business and life (including the women he had sex with,) was being arrested qualifies as bad news.

So, guess where transiting Saturn is right now. Right again. It’s sliding into another opposition to Trump’s Mercury.  Saturn is moving fast so this is going to be a quick aspect and the bad news had to double up. Along with Cohen’s testimony, Trump also learned that his bank, Deutsche Bank of Germany, had been raided and many of its records confiscated. Even though the raid had nothing to do with Donald Trump, among those records could be details about Trump’s financial dealings that, to say the least, will  not bear the light of day.

When you put this in the context with the quickening drum beat of the Mueller investigation and the imminent arrival of a Democratic majority in the House, it’s hard not to think that this would be good time for the President to take up drinking. The thing is, however, is that after the opposition by Saturn to his Mercury completes, Trump’s chart will have no major transits until January of 2020. This tells me that, unless something drastic happens in the next week or so, the Trump presidency is going to survive another year. It might not be a particularly pleasant year, but Trump will survive.