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Why is Vlad Being so Bad?PutinVImage2

There’s been a lot happening in and around Russia recently. The Russian navy has detained two Ukrainian battle ships near the Crimean peninsula and Russian planes bombed rebel positions in Aleppo. These actions come on top of the sale by Russia to Syria of advanced missiles that can be used against Israel and Trump pulling out of the intermediate-range missile treaty. Seeing all of this, I decided it might be time to revisit the horoscope of Vladimir Putin.

Keep in mind that there are several reasons to doubt this horoscope for Putin (click here to be taken to his page in Astro-Databank to see the chart and read the details) but it’s the best we have for now and it does seem to match what we know about his personality. At the moment there are no major transits impacting this chart, but that changes significantly in 2019.

The only transit doing anything in Putin’s chart at the moment is a quincunx by transiting Neptune to his Sun. This is a rather weak aspect but it often does produce a tendency toward deception, both of yourself and other people. Putin’s recent actions, ratcheting up tension both on his own borders and in the Middle East (where there’s already plenty of tension to go around) do seem ill-conceived. However, Putin’s Sun in his Twelfth House which tells us that he might have a hidden agenda.

This brings me to what’s coming up in the chart for 2019. Uranus, which is currently retrograde in Aries, is going to turn direct and hit Putin’s Descendant in May. It’ll come back to this point in Nov. 2019 and finish this transit in Feb. 2020. When Uranus passes over an angle in the horoscope the person either has his or her life disrupted by outside forces or he or she becomes a disruptive force. Given Vladimir Putin’s history and the fact that Uranus is unusually active in his natal chart, I think that in this case we're more likely to see the latter.

Along with this Uranus transit, next year Putin will be going through an important Saturn Cycle aspect. Transiting Saturn will be square his natal Saturn in Feb, July and Nov. 2019. (You might notice that that last transit coincides with the Uranus aspect.) Saturn Cycle aspects typically mark the major transition points in our lives. They tend to be times when we make big decisions about our career or love life. Basically we have to put-up or shut-up with regard to direction our life is taking. If Putin has a grand plan for the expansion of the Russian Federation, we’re probably going to see evidence of it next year.

So the good news is that, despite indications to the contrary, the current problems with Russia are not likely to lead to any major confrontation, at least not in the short term. The bad news is that what’s happening now could be a foretaste of what’s waiting for us in 2019. When dictators get restless (like when they’re under a Uranus aspect) and think they have something to prove (like when a Saturn Cycle aspect come around) they tend to do things that, both for the world and themselves, are very, very bad.

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