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Following the Moon: Nov. 23, 2018

The period after the New Moon of Nov. 7 turned out to be just as eventful as I expected, and most of the events had to do with the person at the top (as illustrated by the Sun in the Tenth House in that chart.) (Click here to see the article and chart for this New Moon.) From made-up stories about raking forests to prevent forest fires, to waffling on who ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, to recent reports that he wanted the Justice Dept. to arrest Hillary Clinton and James Comey for not being nice to him, President Trump has been all over the news, and not in a good way.

It all has a Neptunian feel and, in the New Moon chart, Neptune was trine the Sun. I predicted that the President’s actions would be characterized by illusion, deception and scandal. We got a little extra scandal recently when it was revealed that the President’s daughter, Ivanka, has been using a private server for government e-mails (ala Hillary Clinton). Of course, since the aspect was a trine these events created a lot of noise but not much action.

I was disappointed that we didn’t see a dramatic turn in the Mueller investigation, though the fact that President Trump has sent Mueller written answers to his questions does seem to signal that it is winding down. The quincunx aspect between Jupiter and Uranus might come into play here. The quincunx is a wacky aspect that is typically associated with weird, out-of-left-field events. Earlier this week we found out that a bunch of sealed indictments have recently been filed in the D.C. federal court. Could these be from Mueller? A lot of people think so, but since the aspect is quincunx, all we get in a tease.

The Full Moon chart of Nov. 23 seems to promise us more activity and nothing in the way of holiday cheer. In fact, this is one of the most contentious lunations I’ve seen. We have a T-square involving the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mars and then there’s Mercury on the I.C. square Neptune on the Descendant. Not to be left out, Venus is opposed to Uranus and Pluto makes a semi-square (a minor aspect) to Mars. The only planet not involved in the donnybrook of a chart is wise, old Saturn. (Click here to see the chart.)

With Mars square both the Sun and Moon, I think we can expect that our president will be under attack. The fact that Jupiter is conjunct the Sun would seem to give President Trump the upper hand. The square between Mercury and Neptune is going to be a dominant factor, since both planets are on the angles. This aspect describes deception and evasion. The idealism and directness of Mercury in Sagittarius is going to conflict shapely with Neptune’s capacity to obscure facts and dissolve the boundaries between right and wrong.

What all these hard aspects do indicate is action. I think we are going to see some definitive action from the Mueller investigationg, This is going to result in a firestorm of arguments, with a lot of dodging and maybe a little grifting to go along. I think we can expect this belligerent attitude to extend beyond politics. Expect to hear a lot of yelling and complaining over the next two weeks. We could also see more mass shootings. The combination of this lunation and the stress of the holiday season will have a lot of people, in and out of public life, reaching the boiling point.

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