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Donald Trump’s Saturn Funktrumpimage

One of the things that occasionally happens when we are under a Saturn transit is that we start feeling sad and sorry for ourselves. Things that used to be easy suddenly become difficult and emotions like hope and optimism are out of our reach. This seems to be where Donald Trump is right now, with Saturn nearing it’s last opposition to his natal Mercury, and this could have important ramification for our country.

Aside from this Saturn aspects, there are some earthbound reasons for the president’s dark mood. The midterm elections not only gave the House a Democratic majority, the numbers on that majority have continued to rise as vote counts and recounts have come in for several House races. Even the elections that Republican won were, in many cases, uncomfortably close. Starting in January, Trump will be facing the wrath of the party he has continually demonized and those close elections don’t bode well for a 2020 reelection bid.

There has been plenty of commentary on Trump’s moodiness from the usual unnamed sources in the White House. They describe a president who is perpetually angry and dissatisfied with just about everyone. There have also been indications of this in Trump’s public behavior. From passing on a ceremony to honor World War I troops in France because it was raining, to missing a similar ceremony at Arlington Cemetery because he was busy, our President has given amble proof that he is not feeling at the top of his game.

Of course, Trump’s mood swings have become a part of our political landscape during the past couple of years. However, what makes this one important is the fact that congress is facing a Dec. 7 deadline to complete the budget they passed last Sept. Among the unfinished business is deciding whether or not to allocated billions of dollars to build the “beautiful” border wall that Trump has long been promising his supporters.

Recently, President Trump has been dropping hints that he will refuse to sign a bill filling these gaps in the bigger spending bill if it does not contain all the money he needs for his wall. This refusal would result in a government shutdown for some agencies, among them Homeland Security.
It’s generally thought that government shutdowns are not good for either political party. However, Donald Trump is not known for following conventional wisdom. He seems to feed off disruption and conflict even when he’s not in a bad mood. Then there’s the fact that Saturn will be within a few minutes of the arc of completing its opposition to Trump’s Mercury on the Dec. 7 deadline.

This has me thinking that Donald Trump’s Christmas gift to the nation might be shutting down its government. It would activate his base, who seem to fear brown-skinned immigrants more than uninspected meat, and give him something to talk about at his rallies other than the “Blue Wave” and the Mueller investigation. Meanwhile, it will create a crisis for Congress that isn’t going to get any better in January, when Democrats take over the House.