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Melania Trump and the Magic Degree

Each of the signs of the zodiac are divided into 30 degrees. That’s a basic concept. Sometimes the planets in a chart will be arranged so that one of these 30 degrees will be repeated several times in different signs. When a transiting planet or secondary progressed planet hits that number, it’s like the break in a game of 8 ball. A lot of stuff starts happening at once.

A partial horoscope for Melania Trump (click here to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth) shows three bodies at five degrees of various signs. She has the Sun at five degrees of Taurus, Mars at five degrees of Gemini and Uranus at five degrees of Libra. As an aspect pattern (semi-sextile, trine, quincunx) this arrangement is interesting, but not particularly powerful. But for the past few days Saturn has been crossing five degrees of Capricorn and, apparently, it created a bit of a fuss.

In an unprecedented move, the First Lady has called for the resignation of Mira Ricardel, the Deputy National Security Advisor. Since her appointment to this position Ricardel has developed a reputation as someone who does not play well with others. She’s had conflicts with several people in the White House but, since this is the “fire and fury” White House, no one seemed to notice. Then she caught Melania Trump, not just on a bad day, but on a day when Saturn was hitting three aspects at once.

At five degrees of Capricorn, Saturn trined Melania’’s Sun. It also formed a quincunx to her Mars and squared her squared her Uranus. Taken individually none of these aspects is all that significant, but combined they pushed Melania Trump to take a dramatic action. The strongest aspect, the square to Uranus, defined what that followed. Melania’s call for Ricardel’s resignation was so shocking that it blew anticipation of Mueller’s report out of the headlines.

Was that an accident? Remember Saturn is trine Melania’s Sun. This aspect describes something quite different from the square to Uranus. It describes a practical, well-considered act. That’s the trouble with one of these magic degree aspects, there are so many balls in motion that you can lose track of which one is being set up for the next shot.

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