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Who Put the Kingpin in Charge of the DOJ?WhitakerMattImage

There’s TV series on Netflix called “Daredevil”. It’s a spinoff of the Marvel superhero universe and based on the comic book of the same name. The chief villain in the story is a criminal mastermind called the Kingpin. He’s beautifully portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio. Checkout the images of D’Onofrio as the Kingpin and you might get a shock. He has a striking resemblance to Matthew Whitaker.

(If you don't believe me, check out the double image at the bottom of this page.)

Matt Whitaker is, of course, the man appointed by President Trump to serve as the interim head of the Dept. of Justice after the departure of Jeff Sessions. At first glance he seemed to be just a placeholder, filling the seat until a permanent replacement can be selected and confirmed. However, it’s beginning to appear as if Whitaker was specifically chosen to be a hitman, and his target is the Mueller Investigation.

Whitaker is a Scorpio by Sun sign (clickon Matt Whitaker to see a partial horoscope charted for noon on his date of birth) but he has several planets in Libra. Libra, the scales, has a natural association with the law and, with Mercury conjunct Jupiter in that sign, it’s not surprising that Whitaker chose this as his profession. Libra is also associated with fair play and social niceties. Unfortunately, stories that have recently come out indicate that, in Whitaker’s case, this part of Libra didn’t stick.

In the TV show I mentioned, the Kingpin is a refined gentleman. He likes art and classical music. He speaks softly and makes omelets with fresh basil. Of course, he also kills people, often with his bare hands. I’m not sure what Matt Whitaker thinks about art or omelets, but he is on record using his position as a federal prosecutor to bully people and he’s been accused of wrongfully prosecuting a gay lawmaker in Iowa.

Whitaker’s Libra “niceness” is countered by his Scorpio Sun sign. Scorpios aren’t necessarily mean, but they are determined and prone to do what they want regardless of who objects. There are a couple of aspects in this partial horoscope that might increase this tendency toward ruthlessness. Whitakers Mercury is square Mars, so he’s a tough, aggressive talker, and his Mars is trine Pluto.

I’ve written a lot about aspects between Mars and Pluto. These aspects show up frequently in the horoscopes powerful men accused of sexual harassment. They show up in the charts of serial killers and mass murders as well. Of course, we also find them in the horoscopes of many people who are not criminals. However, some of these people, such as Hilary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh and Jamal Khashoggi, have either been called “monsters” or had monstrous thing done to them. That’s why I have, with some trepidation, I’ve labeled aspects between Mars and Pluto “monster aspects”

The Kingpin, as played by Vincent D’Onofrio, has a lot of Scorpio traits. He’s deeply emotional. He loves his mother and his girlfriend and he cries in front of paintings. He can vengeful, but he’s also philosophical. He sees the bigger picture and understands the value of power. Of course, he’s a comic book villain and therefore a bit a monster.

I don’t think that Matt Whitaker is a monster or a comic book villain, but I do think he has an appreciation for power. What happens in the coming weeks is going to show how deep that appreciation runs. My guess is pretty deep.



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