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Following the Moon Nov. 7, 2018

Since the Full Moon chart for Oct. 24 featured such a strong placement of Uranus (click here to see that article and the chart) I’m surprised that more of the close races in various states didn’t go for the Democrats. However, conventional Saturn was on the Ascendant in that horoscope, so instead of a radical change we got an adjustment back to normal, with both political parties having a voice in our government.

Venus was also an important factor in that chart and this election brought us a record number of women candidates and a record number of women elected to the House of Representatives. Another thing that Venus is associated with is fair play and civility. This election was remarkable for its general lack of civility. I see that as related to Venus being opposed to Uranus in this Full Moon Chart.

Even though there are no angular aspects to the Sun and Moon in the Nov. 9 New Moon chart, it is still a dramatic lunation. Uranus is conjunct the IC and opposed to Venus and Jupiter on the last degree of Scorpio square Mars. (Click here to see the horoscope.)

The aspect between Uranus and Venus tells us that women and women’s issues are going to continue to be a paramount concern. It also indicates that, even though the election is over, there will be no sudden return to civility in our politics.

The fact that the Sun and Moon lands in the Tenth House of this chart (when done for Washington D.C.) indicates that the focus for the next two weeks is going to be on figures of authority. One figure of authority in particular comes to mind. It is generally felt that this election was a referendum on Donald Trump and, in that regard, he won some and he lost some. For a guy who divides the world into winners and losers, that still has to sting.

The Sun and Moon are trine Neptune, which is strongly placed in Pisces, the sign it rules. Given President Trump’s taste of cloaking himself in a Neptunian fog of falsehoods and distraction we might see this as more of the same. However, in the past whenever Neptune has been featured in one of these lunation charts, a new scandal erupted. Even though the aspect is a beneficial trine, I think we can expect this to happen again.

That brings us to the square between Mars and Jupiter. Mars is in Aquarius, a sign which is all about idealism and answering to a higher calling. Jupiter is associated with the law and courts while Mars speaks of enforcement. Piecing all of this together, I was reminded of something I saw in the horoscope of Robert Mueller.

It so happens that during the next two weeks Robert Mueller will be experiencing an important Saturn Cycle transit. (I wrote about this last week. (Click here to see the article.) There have already been rumblings that the special prosecutor is set to make significant moves after the midterms. This aspect is an indication those moves will define Mueller both in terms of his career and his character. This could be bad news for Donald Trump.

Finally, I think we have to consider the quincunx between Jupiter and Uranus. I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to this type of aspect, but it is nearly exact in this chart and both Jupiter and Uranus are getting ready to cross over into a different sign.  The fact that Uranus is on the IC also adds to its importance.

I think that we can expects some serious weirdness out of this quincunx and some surprising developments. It’s one of those aspects that make prediction pointless, because what it predicts is by definition unpredictable. Still, depending on where you are when the havoc sets in, it could be fun to watch.