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Tom Arnold Takes On Donald TrumpArnoldTomImage

If this match up had been presented to me four years ago, I wouldn’t have known which side to root for. Neither of these two men were ever high my list of heroes. However, I would have probably ended up on team Arnold, mostly because Tom Arnold has always shown the ability to laugh at himself, while Donald Trump seemed then (as now) to take his buffoonery seriously. Now I have no choice but to root for Arnold. He’s looking for the pee-pee tape.

Tom Arnold recently began airing a show on Viceland TV titled “Looking for the Trump Tape with Tom Arnold.” I would have never known about the show if I hadn’t caught my wife sitting in our living room glued to episode four. I watched just a few minutes before deciding that I had better things to do. Still, the show was much more watchable than I would have thought. So I decided that the better thing I had to do was to look at Tom Arnold’s horoscope.

Arnold became famous before 9/11, back when an astrologer could obtain a birth certificate from many states without much hassle. Therefore we have a complete horoscope for him. (Click on Tom Arnold to see the chart.) The horoscope obviously describes someone with a unique and explosive personality. We have Uranus near the Ascendant opposed to the Moon. Uranus is the rebel, the disrupter, the contrarian and it is in Leo, which is also Arnold’s Rising sign, so Arnold’s rebellions and Uranian instability are up front for all to see.

Venus in Arnold chart is trine Uranus and sextile his Moon. This is a classic example of a “good” aspect ameliorating and “bad” aspect. This is one reason why Arnold has managed to maintain a career as an actor and comedian despite an array of marital problems, drug and alcohol issues and just plain craziness.

Another interesting aspect in this chart is the square to his Sun by Mars. This describes a combative streak, but the Sun is hidden away in the 8th House, which is associated with deep, psychological issues among other things. The Sun in the 8th is also indicative of someone who is looking for transformation. Perhaps Arnold thinks that finding the pee-pee tape will bring him that transformation.

However, what really interesting about this chart is Saturn. It is at five degrees of Capricorn. Transiting Saturn happens to be exactly on that degree in the sky right now. Saturn first made contact with it’s natal place in Arnold’s chart in Feb. and then June of this year. I don’t know when the deal for this show was made, but my guess would be during this period. Now, with the show running on TV and getting some good (if tongue-in-cheek) buzz on the internet, this aspect is making its last hit.

What I’m talking about here is Arnold’s second Saturn return, part of one of his Saturn Cycles. This tells us that the airing of this show represents a major turning point for Arnold. It is part of his mission in life. That can mean many things in relation to how Arnold thinks about himself and relates to world after this point. I don’t think it means that he will start a new career as an investigative journalist, but with Uranus in the 1st House, anything is possible.

Anything, that is, except finding the pee-pee tape. The alleged recording of Donald Trump hiring Russian prostitutes to urinate on the bed the Barack and Michele Obama slept in in Moscow is safely stored in Vladimir Putin’s desk, second drawer from the bottom on the right hand side. How do I know this? Wouldn’t you and Tom Arnold like to know.

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