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Waiting It Out with Robert Mueller

For the past few weeks Robert Mueller has been trying hard to stay under the radar. He obviously doesn’t want his work to be seen as influencing the midterm election. Of course, even for a man as tight-lipped as Mueller, staying out of the public conversation is not always easy. The special prosecutor learned this last week when he was informed that someone was offering to pay women to accuse him of sexual improprieties.

The astrology of the situation is pretty clear. Neptune is moving retrograde and sliding back to a point close to an opposition to Mueller’s Mercury. This opposition plagued Mueller last year and in the beginning of 2018.  It brought with a flurry of accusations that he was biased against Trump and the Republican Party, along with calls from Republicans to wind up his investigation. Neptune is all about casting doubt and blurring the boundary between truth and falsehood. Mueller never reacted to these challenges to his credibility but it is likely they influenced some people. (Click here to see an article on this and a partial horoscope for Robert Mueller.)

We might wonder what would have happened if the individual or individuals who came up with the idea of using the “Me Too” movement to smear Mueller had thought of it back in January when the aspect of exact. Instead, they waited until the aspect was coming close but not completing.  Neptune will turn direct in a few weeks and it will never get any closer than a degree and a half to exactly opposing Mercury in Mueller’s chart. So the aspect was never realized and the plan floundered. That’s why, before hatching any nefarious plan, you need to consult with your astrologer.

One non-astrological reason for the timing of this plot could be the fact that people are expecting Mueller to come back with full force and more indictments after the election. It is also possible that he will conclude his investigation in the near future. This could have disastrous consequences for a lot of people in the Trump administration, particularly if Democrats win the House and, by some miracle, also turn the Senate.

Another thing that is happening in Mueller’s horoscope right now is the movement of Saturn toward an opposition to it natal place in his chart. This is one of the Saturn Cycle aspects that so often bring important turning points in a person’s life. The aspect will be exact in the middle of November. We should expect a major movement in Mueller’s investigation around this time. This could be a high-profile indictment or, perhaps, the announcement that the investigation is complete.

Of course, it could also be something quieter, like finding an enormously significance piece of evidence in the mounds of material that Mueller has accumulated over the past couple of years. If this is the case, considering how reticent Mueller and his people have been, we probably won’t know about it until later. Regardless, November is going to be a big month for Robert Mueller, and for all us.

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